There I was the other day at the beach in the middle of a pack of Otterhounds! (See me - I am over on the right wearing a tan sweater which makes me blend even more into the pack!). One of them came over to me and asked if I would be his friend. I told him he was too big, and suggested he go see Annie.

That made Annie happy. She likes having friends. Especially messpots like herself! 
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Happy Birthday Ernie !

It's Ernie's 49th birthday ! (I think you know Ernie - he lives on Sesame Street and he's best friends with Bert). Annie barked that she wants to go to visit Ernie at his home on Sesame Street. Then she started singing - Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street. (I had no idea she watches morning TV!)
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Tea Time

Its been so chilly lately so I thought it would be nice to have tea time with Annie. So I took out my new BoBu tea pot with its fab little warmer. (I haven't had the chance to bedazzle it yet). And I served tea and biscuits. The next thing I know...
Annie knocked over the tea and grabbed the biscuit. Ugh. Annie obviously hasn't yet attended her Tea Etiquette class in Princess School. 
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Go Fish

I decided it would be good for Annie to learn card games. So I started with Go Fish. For the first game I dealt our cards face up so it would be easier for her to understand. She listened intently as I read the rules.
Then I started the game. I asked Annie if she had a sea turtle. She barked no. I said but Annie, you do have a sea turtle card. And then she became sad.  She didn't want to give up any of her cards because she liked them all.
I am going to have to figure out a different game to play.

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Inauguration Day

Today our 45th President is sworn into office. President Donald J. Trump. I am proud to be an American poodle with an American Cocker Spaniel. So I hope that my country can move forward and together look to the future with optimism not pessimism. Maybe it would help if the Trumps got a first dog, from a shelter of course. 
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Popcorn Day

Its National Popcorn Day. So Mommy prepared a bowl of popcorn for Annie and me to share.  I had a couple of pieces and went take a nap. I thought Annie was going to take a nap too. But a crunching sound woke me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Annie back in the bowl. So much for my share of popcorn.
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Winnie the Pooh

Today is Winnie the Pooh Day celebrating the author A.A. Milne's birthday. So I thought I would introduce Annie to Winnie the Pooh . We started reading his book that was written 91 years ago!  Then Annie barked that she likes Winnie and is happy to be related to him. I asked why she thinks we are related. She barked - 'well I am your dog and you are Rosy the Poo !' No Annie, Winnie is not a Poo(dle).
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Sharing with Bunnybell

Our niece Bunnybell visited last weekend. Annie and I love Bunnybell so much so we share (almost) everything with her. I let her share my stroller to go down to the lake.

Then Annie and I always invite her to share the best sniffs.

 Annie lets her share her bed even though Bunnybell has her own.

And we also share our mealtime. However, even though we love Bunnybell so much, we don't share our food or placemats. 

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Pastrami Sandwich Day

How exciting! Its National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day! I immediately ordered a sandwich let it cool a bit and gave half to Annie.  

Then I dug right into my half. How many ways can I bark Yum! Annie had never had pastrami and thought it looked weird. I assured her she would love it. 

 She tasted it and there went the sandwich ! 
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Rubber Ducky Day

We just love our Rubber Duckies! (Notice mine is a Princess Ducky of course!) So today we are celebrating their day in their fave place – the bathtub! And its our fave kind of bath – no soap, no water! 
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Beach day

 The other day when we got to the beach Annie and I discussed how we wanted to spend our time. First option in the water was immediately eliminated.  Mommy always suggests walking by the water's edge. That is where most of the dogs go.

But Annie and I decided to spend our time on our fave activity - sniffing all the large rocks by the beach homes. The aroma is such a fab combination of sea and pee.
Once we finished our sniffing activity, we spent the rest of our time chilling by the rocks and dog watching. What a great beach day.
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Golden Globes Red Carpet

OMP! The Golden Globes fashion this year was SO fab! Of course I was beyond excited that so many of the stars chose pink! Now I know my fave pink embellished dress is perfectly on trend! 

And then all the sparkly silver! I felt so good that my silver dress that I have had for years is still in style! It really does always pay to buy classics! 
P.S. My fave dress of the evening was Emma Stone's which combined pink with silvery stars! Which was your fave?
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Shovel Nose Strikes Again

Shovel nose strikes again! This time she took her Greenie and brought it to a rose bush. She thinks it will help the bush stay green and make more flowers grow. 
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Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's Mommy's birthday!. So of course we have to throw a party! My human sister Sydne sent Mommy's fave - Lou Malnati's pizza and I chose the decor. (Annie's job is to look adorable). I can't wait for the party to begin and see Mommy in her birthday girl tiara! 
Happy Birthday Mommy (I am not allowed to tell you how old she is!)
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Spaghetti Day

Its National Spaghetti Day! I just love spaghetti, and couldn't wait to have my own bowl of it. Annie wasn't really interested in celebrating until she smelled the meatballs cooking. That’s when she barked Happy Spaghetti and Meatballs Day !
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New Years Toast

 A few years ago, Annie thought that a New Year's Toast was actual toast. So ever since then, we  make toast for the New Year. But this year we are toasting the New Year with Poodle Toast!
 I just love toast! I am very careful to eat around the perfectly fab poodle silhouette.

Annie on the other paw went right for the poodle head! Ahhhh! 
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