Happy Birthday Bear !

Today is a very special day. It is our brother Bear's birthday. He would have been 15 years old today. Bear was the best brother ever, and maybe the best dog ever (and that is canine and royalty opinions). We like to celebrate with 3 things that Bear loved and that he was known for.  Tennis balls, pizza and his beloved beach. 
Happy Birthday to the absolutely fab Golden Bear !  
PS - Each year, we like to show Bear's tribute video. Great memories that we hope will make you smile!

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Remember The Rescue

Today is #RememberMeThursday . Today we shine a light on orphaned pets around the world waiting for their forever homes. Annie and I are both rescues - Annie was in a shelter and I was a stray. So although we are small, we are huge advocates for pet adoption. Did you know that only 30% of pets in US Households come from rescue facilities? And each year nearly 3 million beautiful orphan pets lose their lives without finding a forever home. So that is why we join on Remember Me Thursday to promote awareness of pet adoption.  

Please join us today and light a candle to #RememberTheRescue pets. And importantly, please talk, post, insta, tweet, meow and bark about pet adoption. 
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Pancake Day

It's Pancake Day. So Annie asked Mommy to make pancakes. Mommy said they have too much sugar for Annie but she had an idea.

We smelled pancakes cooking. The next thing we know Mommy said "We can all share! You eat the toppings, I will have the pancakes!"

When we sniffed closer we saw that the pancakes had all our fave treats as toppings!

 So Annie immediately started eating her toppings, the bacon treat puppy ear first of course!
Best pancakes ever!
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Barley's Visit

Our friend Barley came to visit again today with his Mom Cathy. We were so happy to see him! 

We went down to the lake for a walk. Of course Mommy wanted a nice photo of the three of us. So we all watched while Cathy tried to get Barley's attention for the pic.

And just like Barley's last visit, Annie was a bit obvious about having a crush on Barley. First she sniffed along side him.

Then she sat next to him as soon as he decided to rest. 
And then we had to say goodbye. What a nice visit.  And how nice that Mommy and Cathy coordinated their outfits! 
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Rabbit Day

It's International Rabbit Day. When Annie heard,  she was so excited that there is a day to promote the care and protection of rabbits. Rabbits are Annie's fave toys. So she gathered up all her rabbits and decided we should all be rabbits for the day. But she refused to eat carrots.
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Shine a Light

Next Thursday is a very special day, and all of you and your friends can participate! It's #RememberTheRescue on Remember Me Thursday - a day for people around the world to shine a light on orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues. 
One fab way you could shine a light and also win prizes for your fave pet adoption organization is by posting a pic this week of your adopted pet on the #RememberTheRescue Wall - here is the contest link  
And the most important way to help orphaned pets is by talking, talking, talking and posting posting posting about pet adoption. My meditation mantra is #AdoptDontShop. 
And join me next Thursday in lighting a candle and posting about orphaned pets with the hashtags #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday.
Actually, another great way to help is by going to your fave local place and adopting and giving an orphaned pet a fabulous home. 
Take it from Annie, Bunnybell and I -- we were all adopted and our Moms and Dad's think we are the best pets ever! 
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Rosh Hashanah

Tonight begins the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Annie, Bunnybell and I  are celebrating with traditional foods to bring in the New Year. Challah bread, apples, honey and a pomegranate!. 

I know I should have first gone for the apples and honey symbolizing a sweet year ahead, but I love carbs, and I just couldn't resist that giant Challah!

The next thing I know, Annie and Bunnybell are joining me! 
L'Shanah Tovah -( that is Hebrew greeting for Happy New Year i )
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Cheeseburger Day

 For Cheeseburger Day Annie, Bunnybell and I decided to go to Smashburger in Del Mar to celebrate.

I ordered us a cheeseburger and Fido burger to split.

 I walked away for a moment to get a drink of water. The next thing I know, Bunnybell ate the whole FidoBurger!!

So I pulled the cheeseburger in the shade and told Annie she can split it with me.  I let Annie have the Cheeseburger.  I preferred to just have the salad.
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Playdoh Day

To celebrate Playdoh Day, I though it would be fun to make a Playdoh Pizza ! So I got my Playdoh and tools together and invited Bunnybell and Annie to join me.

 I had to protect my work from Annie cause she kept on wanting to eat it. I kept explaining that it was not real pizza or toppings. But Annie really wanted what she thought was a meatball.
I was finally finished with my beautiful pizza. I even made one pink slice as a way to sign my masterpizza. Bunnybell thought it looked delicious. Annie continued to wonder when we were going to eat it.
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Fortune Cookies

Annie knows its Fortune Cookie Day. So she had Dad bring home a bag full. When he left the room, Annie ripped open the bag and started to break the cookies and read the fortunes.
But she didn't like any of the fortunes. She wanted to know where the cookie was that says "Bacon will be in your future."
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Patriots Day

On this date, Patriots Day, the 16th anniversary of horrible September 11th, we always think about and honor those that were lost. We also like to recognize all of those that were there to help during and afterward. So every year I read to Annie the book A Tribute to The Dogs of 9/11 by Ron Burns. It is a beautiful tribute book with his paintings and stories about some of the fab hero dogs of 9/11. This book is a must read, especially today.
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PawPrayers for Florida

We have been watching all the news about Hurricane Irma and how much devastation it has already caused. So upsetting. And now it is over  Florida. We have so many friends and family in Florida so we are extra worried. We asked Mommy what we can do. She told us right now, all we can do is say our PawPrayers and send lots of love to Florida.
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Teddy Bear Day

 It's Teddy Bear Day ! So I told Annie we should celebrate by taking all our teddy bears to bed and having one big cuddle pile. Annie was a bit disappointed.
She wanted to have a teddy bear picnic again! I told her she has to wait until next July for Teddy Bear Picnic Day!
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Salami Day

 Can you believe it? Another food day to celebrate. Today is Salami Day ! There are so many different types and brands of salami so I decided we should taste test some of Daddy's faves.

Annie as usual dug right in. She does not understand the concept of a taste test. I sniffed each to evaluate the aroma before tasting.

Of course, Annie finished way before me. I chewed each slowly and thoroughly to understand their complexities.  
Do you like Salami?
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Read A Book Day

For National Read A Book Day, I thought it would be appropriate for Annie and I to read books about our respective breeds.

 I told her that first we will read Poodlena.

As I was reading my fab book out loud, Annie fell asleep ! I woke her up and told her to read her own book.

Then she started reading about Frosty the Spaniel and was very intrigued. I continued reading about fab Poodlena.

 What book will you read today ?
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