Taste Test

Mom told me that a company sent Teddy and I some of their products to try. They are called Play Treats  

So Teddy and I were now officially taste tasters ! How cool ! 

First we tasted the Wild Blueberry and Pomegranate treats. Teddy ate his off a plate. He barked Yummy!

 I on the other paw, dug right into the bag. YUM! and the bag is a perfect fit for my nose!

Next I started into the Peanut Butter & Pumpkin bag , YUM again!  Teddy went to have more Wild Blueberry & Pomegranate treats. This time, he got with the program and did not use a plate.

And then, when I wasn't looking, Teddy ran off with the bag!

Verdict of our taste test: Paws up for Play Treats. Both flavors we tried are deliciously awesome. And Mom loves them because they are made with natural and wholesome ingredients with no additives. 

Teddy and I really like being taste testers. Would anyone like to hire us?
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Yesterday Teddy came over and told me a secret.

Then later I went over and told him something and said he couldn't tell anyone. 

He was really surprised ! He said he wanted to tell Mom. I told him if he can't keep this secret then I could never ever tell him a secret again. I wonder what he is going to do.
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Pigs in a Blanket Day

One of the things I love about our family is we celebrate all sorts of fun holidays. Today we celebrate Pigs in a Blanket Day . Yes, really, I did not make this up.  

 Mom took them out of the box and showed them to Teddy after she placed the frozen little pigs on a baking sheet. Mom had to take it away quickly, but not quick enough. Teddy got one and ate it frozen.

 When they came out of the oven, Mom placed them on a plate. I told Teddy he is not to eat them all. We need to split them. And I get an extra since he ate one frozen.

 Mom was afraid that we would gobble all of them up too quickly on a plate, so she made us each sit properly and fed them to us one at a time.

 Teddy was a very good boy and took his pig gently from Mom's hand.

I too of course was gentle. But I was too quick. Mom wasn't able to take the picture fast enough to show the pig. I told her I would be more than happy to keep practicing with her.

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Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, Teddy suggested that we plant something. I told him that was a nice idea. I suggested that we plant succulents. Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves. So they need less water -- and that helps the earth!!  There are over 20,000 varieties, but we only selected six. 
So after Dad dug the holes (Teddy offered but Dad said no), we placed each succulent where we wanted  Mommy to plant them.

And there it was! Our very own Succulent Garden for Earth Day ! 
What are you doing for Earth Day ?
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First Swim

After the Bunnybell pool debacle, Mom decided it was time for Teddy to go in the pool. He asked Dad if he had to, and Dad said he needed to learn how to swim out.

Teddy was not real eager but took a step in once Mom started offering cookie bribes.

 Then when cookie bribes did not work further than one step, Mom just pulled him in.

Teddy swam a little bit but not as a happy swimmer.

Then Mom showed him the way out of the pool.

I immediately went over to tell him what a great job he did.

Then the cookie bribes came out again. I had a feeling it was my turn, so I grabbed the cookie.

And in I went. 

And out I went !

Then Teddy and I decided we were done with the pool and being wet.  Mom is already planning our next pool practice. We hope it's not soon.

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Pool Debacle

Last weekend when my sis Sydne was visiting, she wanted Mom to take a pic of her and Bunnybell in the pool. Teddy and I kept close watch because we were very worried about Bunnybell.

I tried to tell Sydne that she has to be very careful because the raft is slippery.

And then it happened. Poor Bunnybell ! 

 Sydne went back on the raft and when she came over we checked if she was OK. We gave her lots of kisses.
Bunnybell came out of the pool and spent time recuperating from her pool debacle.
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Bunnybell's Party

Yesterday we had a belated Gotcha Day Party for our niece Bunnybell. Since Rosy is no longer with us, I was in charge of party planning. I went with Bunny's fave decor and food - black and white polka dots and salmon. I think Rosy would have been proud. 

 The smoked salmon was absolutely delicious.

Next was the cake. Teddy couldn't even wait until it was cut ! (Not good form Teddy).

The cake was so yum !

After we were done, there was some bits of frosting on the table. So more bad form for Teddy and he hopped onto the table. He said he was just helping clean up..

And then Bunnybell opened her presents. She was a happy girl. I hope she loved her party.

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Bath time

One difference between me and Teddy is that when he gets dirty it really shows. So Dad told him it was time for a bath. Teddy was not thrilled at all with the hose, but liked the drying off part. 

 Then, even though I didn't look dirty, Dad said I had to take a bath too. I didn't think that was fair. But it was quickly over and I like the drying off part too.

Once we were both clean I asked Teddy what he wanted to do. 

I was quite surprised when he got into the Downward Dog position. Did he want to do Yoga ?

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Happy Gotcha Day Bunnybell !

Today is my niece Bunnybell's Gotcha Day ! My human sis Sydne adopted her from a rescue group 11 years ago ! She has aged amazingly well, don't you think? Anyway, I can't wait to see her this weekend....

I will take her on a stroll to Swan Lake. Oh yeah, she will be meeting Teddy for the first time too. I have to make sure he understands that this is not a Bunny we chase! . 
Please join me in wishing Bunnybell an awesome Gotcha Day !

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