Its time for Giving Tuesday. I saved up my birthday present money and took out my change jar to use for  charitable donation.  I suggested that Annie choose a bunch of toys that are in good condition to bring to the Helen Woodward Center. So she did. Then I told that she will feel so good giving toys to orphan dogs that are waiting for their forever homes. She barked "wait a minute! I thought they were just going to borrow them to play with?" I barked back " Annie! Its Giving Tuesday, not Lending Tuesday! "
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Thanksgiving Traditions

Every year since I have been with my family, they have a very unique Thanksgiving feast. Stone Crabs shipped from Joes's Stone Crabs in Miami Beach. I just think they are so weird. So that was our Thanksgiving lunch feast. Then we broke tradition with tradition! .....
A Thanksgiving traditional dinner feast. This was much more to Annie and my liking. I hope this traditional dinner becomes another tradition. Hope you all had fab Thanksgiving feasts! 
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Happy Thanksgiving !

OMP! Don't you just love Thanksgiving? First, we think about what we are thankful for. I am thankful for EVERYTHING in my life. Yes, I do know I am very lucky to be respected and treated like a Princess by my family. I am also very thankful along with my family for Annie. We know she is a living miracle and are thankful everyday for the gift of our perfectly adorable Cocker Spaniel, sweet Annie.  
Hope all of you have an absolutely fabulous Thanksgiving! 
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With Thanksgiving almost here, I got to thinking about Pilgrim women. So I googled and read about Pilgrim women and why a statue described them as "those intrepid English women whose courage, fortitude and devotion brought a new nation into being. I didn't know that  only 19 women came over on the Mayflower and only four women survived to serve the fifty men and children the first Thanksgiving ! OMP! As an American poodle, I salute and thank those women! We've come a long way baby!
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Thanksgiving Project

For my Princess School Art Class this week, I decided to have Annie make Turkey glasses to wear on Thanksgiving. I showed her traditional holiday colors with my markers and then gave her crayons to work with (no way was I going to let her use markers and get everything stained!) When I saw what she made, I was so proud of her! She drew on her creative talents and used non-traditional colors for her turkey!  But then, she started eating her crayon. Oh Annie. 
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Uber Stroller II

The other day Annie got tired so Mommy put her in my stroller.  This got me to thinking about my Uber Stroller idea again – Rosy Rueber. I could expand it to medium size dogs like Annie. However, I may need to look into a larger stroller. I do get a bit squished. Do you think I should go on Shark Tank with this idea?
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The other day after my grooming I went for my usual walk. On the way home, my routine is to do  my last business in the grass. But OMP! the sprinklers went off. No matter how I tried to avoid them, there were more and more! I was so upset. My perfectly coifed poof was ruined ! 
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Fashion Trend

As you may know, my human sister is Sydne of SydneStyle. Everyone loves her trend guides including me. So I was so inspired by one of the Fall trends that I just had to try it. Fall Florals . Don't you just love this trend? Maybe I will get to be an #SSTrendGirl ! 
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President Elect Trump

Well, America has chosen it's 45th President - President Donald J. Trump ! I stayed up late to watch history happen and listen to his victory speech. I know there are lots of people that didn't support him, but I believe we need to come together now and try to get behind our new Prez. It's sort of like when an adopted dog (like me) gets a new home (not one I chose) and have no idea what life will be like. In my case, it turned out absolutely fab. 
Congrats Mr. Trump.
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Time to Vote !

It's finally here... Election Day. So it is time to decide... Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump? Well I know who I would vote for if I was old enough. But I try not to be poodlelitical so I won't take a side on my blog. But I really hope everyone gets out there and uses their right to vote. 
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Rosy Day Celebration

Today is Rosy Day !  Six years ago today my Mommy found me on Rose Street in Memphis!  So I then became a self-proclaimed princess! I do have everything I could want. So this year, instead of presents, I asked Mommy and Daddy to sponsor a couple of dogs from Best Friends Animal Society.  We chose Otto and Curly. And then I thought, wouldn't it be fab to have them at my birthday party? So I set a place for each of them! 
P.S.  Here are the links to the stories of Otto and Curly.
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Mexico in our Minds

Mommy and Sydne went to Cabo San Lucas together and they didn't take us! But I felt that should not stop us from going, (remember my trip to Hawaii?) So I told Bunnybell and Annie that we have to put on our sombreros, close our eyes and imagine we are in Mexico. And there we were! On the beach at Pueblo Bonito Resort! How fab!
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