Hedge hunting

 Teddy and I discovered another hunting ground. This one is a hedge on our side yard. We are not exactly sure what we are hunting, but there is always some type of movement and rustling sounds.
Teddy heard something high up in the hedge and stood tall on his hind legs. He looks a bit like a polar bear, doesn't he?
Anyway, I think you will get a better idea of our hedge hunting if I show you the video.

Yes, we are wild and crazy boys!
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Bow Tie Day

 It's National Bow Tie Day.  So I took out my collection of bow ties . I told Teddy we needed to each choose one to wear today.
Teddy liked the Orange. I chose pink in honor of my little fashionista Princess poodle sister Rosy. I really miss her, especially on days like this !
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National Dog Day

Its National Dog Day ! So Mom surprised Teddy and I with a Dog Party ! How awesome !

 Teddy was in awe when he saw that Mom served him two hot dogs ! I didn't want to wait just in case Mom changed her mind.
Our first dog went pretty quickly so we immediately dug into our second. Yum!
 When I was done, I jumped down and went off to take a nap. Teddy on the other paw, had his eyes on Dad's hot dogs.
 He snuck up on the table and tried to steal them. But Dad laughed and grabbed them away!

Happy National Dog Day to all the Dogs of the world.  Hope you all have lots of treats and love!

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Waffle Day

When Mom heard it was National Waffle Day, she told us she would make us waffles. Teddy asked Mom what waffles are made of. So instead of just telling him, Mom showed Teddy all the ingredients. .
So next Mom showed Teddy the waffle batter.He thought it looked weird. 
He then watched intently as the waffle maker made its magic.
 Then the waffle was done. Teddy was served the first waffle. Mom told him it was hot so he blew on it,
The waffle was ready and was served to Teddy..He took a piece to taste. He wasn't sure if he liked it.
So he tried another piece. That is when he decided he preferred when we celebrated Bacon Lovers Day .
Happy National Waffle Day ! 

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Flower mess

A few weeks ago, Mom replanted the flower bed with lots of white flowers. She put in all this cool smelling new dirt. So the other day, I just couldn't help myself. I just had to dig through it. 
When Dad came home and saw the mess, he immediately grabbed a broom to clean it up. He was talking to us and it became clear that he thought Teddy did it !
Teddy came over and tried to communicate to Dad that he didn't do it. Dad thought Teddy was apologizing and told him he was a bad boy but he forgives him. I later thanked Teddy for taking one for the team. I just love having a brother!
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Bacon Lovers

 Today is National Bacon Lover's Day ! We are definitely part of that club ! So Mom took out the bacon to get ready to celebrate.
 Teddy checked to see how many pieces there were for him, me and Daddy.
 And then Teddy watched as Mom cooked it. He wanted to make sure he was the first to know when it was ready .
And there it was!  We had to do the sit and leave it commands. (Ugh.)
And then we got to celebrate our love for bacon. YUM ! Are you a bacon lover too?
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Jack Jack visit

 Jack Jack came to visit again the other day. I know I dont seem excited but I was just resting. A day with Jack Jack and Teddy takes a lot of energy!
There was a lot of tug of war between Teddy and Jack Jack. They espcically loved the new toy Mom got for Jack Jack's visit. Here's the video, who do you think won?

 We were impressed that Jack Jack joined Teddy and I in our hedge hunting. He covered the low ground. We didn't find anything, but we definitely welcome him as part of our team.

We were sad to see Jack Jack go. We can't wait till he visits again!

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Last week our family visited. Our little niece Charlotte always wanted kisses. Teddy gave her gentle Eskimo nose kisses.
I on the other paw gave her full blown licks that covered her whole face!
That made her laugh. I love Charlotte, I sure miss her already.
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My family from Chicago is visiting this week. I love family! So of course, that means pool day. Charlotte loved throwing the football to me. She likes that I am a pool football star! 
 But then, no one wanted to throw the ball to me. So I started barking. Dad warned me to stop. But I really wanted to play catch!
And then Dad hosed me! Directly in the face! 
I kept running around the pool to get away from the hose. But it followed me everywhere! Then when I kept barked with water spraying in my face, Mom proceeded to bring me inside. Bummer.
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Watermelon Day

It's Watermelon Day !!! So Mom got us a big watermelon! 
  Teddy and I were not exactly sure what to do with our watermelon. We were wondering how to eat it.
 We couldn't figure it out, so we asked Mom to help . And she cut it up.
 Teddy got his slice first. He was very gently and neat with it .
I on the other paw, was not gentle or neat as you can see from the video below.
 Mom was a bit annoyed at the mess I made all over the lounge chair. I told her she should have served me on a plate and brought napkins.

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