National Mutt Day

On National Mutt Day, we want to recognize two very special Mutts. First, our human sis Sydne's adorable Pomeranian mix - the absolutely fab Miss Bunnybell !

 Not only is Bunnybell our niece but we consider her our BFF ! 

Next, we want to introduce our nephew Beast . He was adopted this year by our human brother Stephen and lives in Kansas. We think he is an American Bull Dog/Pittie mix of some sort - so hence, he is a Mutt. We have never met him but from everything we have heard he is fab too! So we love him from afar! 
Finally, we want to wish all the Mutts of the world a very happy Mutt Day! We hope you all have or will soon have wonderful homes where you are loved and cherished. 
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Lasagna Day

It's National Lasagna Day. So I told Annie that she can share my spinach lasagna with me. 
While I was excited to eat, Annie was bummed. She reminded me that she doesn't like green food. 

And then Annie became very happy. Mommy felt bad for Annie and served her turkey sausage lasagna. 

So Annie immediately started eating her lasagna layer by layer !
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Wet Poodle

 Once the family visit was over, I decided I would take a swim.

 While I tried to keep my head dry, I ended up getting wet. 

I dried au natural, hoping that my poodle princess look would return. But to my dismay I ended up looking like a dog!
 I refused to go outside in public looking like this. I would have to wait until my salon appointment. Then I had an idea.

My pink kerchief was a perfect solution. Don't you think?
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More Family, More Pool Time

Sydne came to join the rest of the family, so I decided I should join them in the pool again.

Then we thought that Bunnybell should join in the fun too! 

She even did swim racing with Charlotte ! 

Then Bunnybell had to have a bath and was ready for a nap. I told her the family visit was exhausting!
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The Dog Helper

Our little niece Charlotte loves dogs. She said she wants to be a Dog Helper when she grows up. So I told her to hang with Annie while she was visiting last week. First, she tried to bond with Annie by barking and acting like a dog. Annie was perplexed.

 Then Charlotte started winning her over when she gave Annie her leftover steak from dinner.

Annie officially let her be her Dog Helper once Charlotte found the cookie jar.

Annie was so touched when Charlotte put her on her iPad screensaver.

And when Charlotte came home from a day at LegoLand, Annie couldn't wait for her to come in and  help.
Charlotte and Annie were both sad when Charlotte had to go back to Chicago. We think she is the best Dog Helper ever ! 
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Family pool time

Last week our family was visiting so there was lots of pool time. Mommy decided that I just had to join everyone. Since I didn't want to get my poodle poof wet, I went on the new popsicle float . 

Then Annie heard there were donuts so she wanted to join too. 

 It was too late to warn Annie what kind of donuts Daddy and Caroline were talking about. 

Now Annie wants nothing to do with donuts ever again. Poor Annie.

It was exhausting! Little humans have so much energy!
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Wyoming : Wildlife Safari

On our second full day in Jackson Hole , we were so excited to go on a Wildlife Safari with our guide Jody. 

We started out very early to Grand Teton National Park, so Annie used the first photo stops as nap times.

I made sure Annie was awake for our first animal siting. Look Annie! Its a Moose! Annie wanted to know where its antlers were. I explained it is a girl Moose. Annie was not impressed.

On our next stop Annie barked - Look Rosy, it's a Buffalo ! I explained to Annie that it is called a Bison. At that point she barked that we love Bison treats! I told her to shhhh. She shouldn't bark about that right now.

Our next stop was the most exciting. We saw a Grizzly Bear and her cubs! I told Annie we need to be really careful. She told me not to worry, she brought the Bear Spray. Good thinking Annie!

Our final stop was to see the beautiful wildflowers. What a fab day !

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Wyoming: Jenny Lake

On the first day of our Jackson Hole virtual vacation we went to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.  It is an absolutely fab place to hike !  
We hiked along the path and then came to that dreaded "no pets" sign on the bridge. So I told Annie, that since she can't hike, I won't either. Then she pointed out a nearby sign that said "keep off bridge while horses are crossing". 

She wanted to know why pet horses are allowed, but not pet dogs. She had a good point. I told her we will ask the ranger when we see him (we never did see a ranger).
So instead, we decided to go boating on the lake. We took a one hour scenic cruise learning all about the area's history and geology and the flora and fauna around the lake.

When we got off the boat, Annie saw a picnic table. She suggested that we have a delicious picnic. I told her that it was a fabulous idea, except we don't have food. She barked that our vacation is virtual so she is eating hot dogs. Again, she has a point.! 

That was a full exhausting day! I wonder what we will do next in Jackson Hole?!
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Bikini Day

So excited! It's Bikini Day! I finally get to wear my new - and first and only - bikini ! I originally wanted an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. But when I saw this pink one with flowers, I just had to have it!

 Instead of swimming, I will just keep my feet in the cool water. I don't want to ruin my perfectly coiffed poodle poof.
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July Fourth Hot Dogs

It's July Fourth! So Daddy is grilling us hot dogs! Of course he checks with me, to make sure they are done the way I like them,
I am a purist, so I like my hot dog plain. Annie on other paw, loves a cheesy hot dog - and has seconds with her first! 
Since Annie is more comfortable eating on the ground, I told her I would join her to eat my hot dog.

But she wanted to make sure no one took her second hot dog, so she went off in private. I really hope she didn't bury it1  
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