Wyoming: Jenny Lake

On the first day of our Jackson Hole virtual vacation we went to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.  It is an absolutely fab place to hike !  
We hiked along the path and then came to that dreaded "no pets" sign on the bridge. So I told Annie, that since she can't hike, I won't either. Then she pointed out a nearby sign that said "keep off bridge while horses are crossing". 

She wanted to know why pet horses are allowed, but not pet dogs. She had a good point. I told her we will ask the ranger when we see him (we never did see a ranger).
So instead, we decided to go boating on the lake. We took a one hour scenic cruise learning all about the area's history and geology and the flora and fauna around the lake.

When we got off the boat, Annie saw a picnic table. She suggested that we have a delicious picnic. I told her that it was a fabulous idea, except we don't have food. She barked that our vacation is virtual so she is eating hot dogs. Again, she has a point.! 

That was a full exhausting day! I wonder what we will do next in Jackson Hole?!


  1. That sounds like a great virtual vacay for you guys! It looks like Mom's real one was great too! Annie sure does have a point about virtual hot dogs, and they won't ruin your figure either! xoxo

  2. what a pawesome virtual vacation! Can't wait to see what else you did! DakotasDen

  3. Tallulah and I love your fabulous cowgirl outfits! But we're not so sure how we feel about virtual hotdogs. ;-)


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