Crayon Day

Today is National Crayon Day. So I thought it was a perfect day for Annie to attend Princess School Art Class. I told her to draw whatever she sees. When I looked over and asked what she was drawing she barked that she drew the backyard - pool, grass, tree, flowers. Hmmm.. so Annie is an abstract artist!  I was so proud of her! 
That is until she started eating my crayon!
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 I just love this time of year. All the flowers are blooming! The bushes in front of the house turn this fabulous shade of pink!
And my fave red roses in the frontyard  are already giant !

And all the white roses in the backyard are blooming perfectly - Annie insists it is because of her bones buried underneath them. Speaking of Annie, she also is aware of our beautiful flowers.

She loves the way the Marigolds look and the fragrance of the Alyssum in her 'bathroom' ! 
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The other day when I was perusing my email, I read the most exciting news! I was nominated for two Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose awards! How incredibly fab is that?

I was nominated for Best Pet Humor Blog and Best Photo on a Blog. (The photo is of Annie so I do need to give her some credit). Anyway, I am beyond honored and excited. Winners will be announces at the Blog Paws Conference in May.

I am already dreaming of prancing on the Red Carpet. Now the question...what should I wear?
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Fragrance Day

Today is National Fragrance Day. It reminded me of my brother Bear's clever idea . He wrote about it in his blog www.LoveAlwaysBear.com.   He never did follow through with his idea.  If anyone is still  interested, I would suggest a strong fragrance with my dog. 'Eau de Annie' . 

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Happy Birthday Sydne

Today is our fab sister Sydne's birthday . Annie and I wanted to get her  birthday flowers but we didn't have any money. So we took her for a walk and presented her with a whole field of flowers! (Annie even refrained from peeing on them!)
Happy Birthday Sydne ! 
We love you!
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Memories of Sugar

Annie and I were so sad when Mommy told us that our fab friend Sugar the Golden Retriever went over the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday. We loved sweet Sugar. Annie and I kept barking about the great times we had with Sugar. So we thought we would put together a photo show of our memories.  We miss you Sugar. 
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St. Patrick's Day

Well it's St. Patrick's Day and Annie wore her glasses all day and had no luck finding a Leprauchan.  Now Annie, Bunnybell and I are hoping we get lucky while Daddy is having his St Paddy's Day feast. We decided, forget the Leprechaun, let's catch the corned beef! 
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
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Lucky Glasses

Annie got St Patrick's glasses and she couldn't wait to wear them.  She thinks they are lucky glasses that will help her find and catch a Leprechaun. Since I wouldn't partake, Annie asked Bunnybell to join her and she obliged. Annie is still searching, so she barked that she will continue wearing the glasses through St. Patricks Day! Good luck Annie! 
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Surprise Package

We were so excited to receive a package today. It was filled with the most fab things from the actual New Orleans Mardi Gras. I almost fainted from all the beautiful beads! And we knew exactly who it came from. Our most wonderful and absolutely beautiful Golden Retriever blogger friend from New Orleans ..,
The fab Miss Harper Lee
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Purim with Family

Today we got to celebrate Purim with my fab cousin Stephen and his beautiful girlfriend Megan. Purim honors the day the Queen of Persia, Esther, saved the Jewish people from execution by the mean man Haman, the advisor to the Persian king. A traditional food of Purim is Hamantaschen, said to look like Haman's tri-cornered hat or ears. So I prepared a plate of these delish triangle treats. 
We were all going to sit and eat together, but Annie as usual just couldn't wait! 
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Happy Birthday Barbie !

Today is Barbie's birthday! To celebrate, I finally got my very own Barbie doll. Of course I picked a pink Princess Barbie. Isn't she fab? Can you believe Barbie was born in 1959? I hope I look that good when  I'm in my late 50's !
Happy Birthday Barbie ! 
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Cereal Day

Yet another food holiday! Today is National Cereal Day. So to celebrate, I am having Special K ! I discovered it when I tasted Mommy's - she has it everyday. Now it has become one of my fave foods - perfect for a Special Kanine Princess! 
What's your fave cereal?
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Frozen Food Day

Yes, National Frozen Food Day is really a day proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 ! So to celebrate, Annie and I looked in our freezer and selected items which are some of our faves to eat. We agreed on the meats, but I added a chicken noodle soup starter and mac and cheese side. 
What's in your freezer for celebration?
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Cheese Doodle Day !

 It's National Cheese Doodle Day! I just adore these crunchy puffs! So I prepared bowls for Annie and me. Annie was not happy about the difference in serving size. I explained to her that I do not plan on eating mine all at once, but savor them throughout the day. She, on the other paw, has no self control, so has a portion which is ok to gobble it up. She then proceeded to celebrate ...
 And there went her bowl of Cheese Doodles, in her mouth, in her tummy and all over her face!

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Sunshine !

As you may know, California has been having this really weird weather --- rain ! But this past week the sun came out and it was perfect San Diego weather again. After all that rain, everything started blooming . I was so inspired that I took Annie and frolicked in the meadow. Of course I told her -- "Please don't eat the daisies!"
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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss !

It's Dr. Seuss Day ! Today would have been Dr. Seuss's 113 birthday! So I thought Annie and I should celebrate by reading some of his most popular books.  I chose my fave to read to Annie. I promised to read Annie's choice next. She loves barking "I do not like Green Eggs and Ham' and she insists that Sam-I-am could never convince her to try them! 
What's your fave Dr. Seuss book?
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