New Year's Eve

 Mom had us dress up in our tuxedos for New Year's eve. She even had us put on top hats. I personally thought I looked more like Abe Lincoln then a party reveler.

I am planning to sleep through the midnight festivities. Teddy , on the other paw, is all ready to party ! 
Happy New Year!!

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Taste Test

 We got this really awesome present for the holidays. A Bark treats test of dogtreats from 5 different city/states where our family and friends live.! Our gift was to taste each of the treats and choose our favorites. How fun and yum!
 I went first. I carefully made my selections: #1 Chicago , #2 Kansas #3 New York and #4 Wisconsin. I don't love fish, so my home state came in last.
Then it was Teddy's turn. He ate #1 Chicago , #2 New York, #3 Wisconsin, #4 California . I hope our Kansas family doesn't get insulted ! 

So the unanimous winner is Chicago Dogs ! My nephew and nieces
 there would be so proud ! 

 Just as we finished, Teddy pawed out that each of the treat bags had an animal charity indicated where part of the sale is donated. How awesome !

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My Gotcha Day !

 Christmas Day is also my Gotcha Day ! Last year at this time. my awesome family adopted me ! So I get to have a party today with my brother Teddy and nephew Jack Jack who were both adopted after me.
 First we had pupcakes. They were so yum !
Then we all dug into my cake! This was the best party ever ! I am so glad to be part of this family!
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Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas.  Teddy, I and our little nephew Jack Jack have the same Christmas wish. We wish that all dogs and kitties in the world without a home get rescued and adopted into awesome loving homes, just like we did.
Merry Christmas to all our friends and their families.

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Christmas PJs

Mom got us all pajamas. Teddy and I liked them, Jack Jack ket on trying to wriggle out of his.
Finally Jack Jack settled down when I reminded him there will be lots of Christmas treats. Only if he is a good boy though. There is only more sleep before Christmas !

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Elf on the Shelf

It's the time of the year for Elf on a Shelf. 
Last Christmas my sis Rosy introduced me to Princess Bobbie, her Elf on the Shelf. She blogged all about it. You can read about that here.
 Anyway, I introduced Princess Bobbie to Teddy. I explained to Teddy as our Santa elf, she will be watching us and keeping track of naughty and nice things that we do. Then she will go tell Santa and. return the next day. But she will be in a different place and we will have to find her.
Teddy barked that he will hold Princess Bobbie at all times and be really nice but not let her go until Christmas. I pointed out that would actually be a naughty thing to do. 
Now Teddy is really worried about getting on the naughty list.
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Santa Visits

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, Mom went away and took our computer! Now that she is back we have begun the Christmas festivities. So last weekend we went to Pet Smart to visit Santa. Teddy and I were very good boys. Mom said we were so good that we got to go to another PetSmart.
This confused Teddy. When we got to the next store, Teddy didn't understand how Santa got there before we did. I told Teddy that Santa's sleigh is faster than our car. That made sense to him.
Then we put on our elf hats and we got to be Santa's helpers. We made Mom proud.
When we left, I kissed Santa good bye. I really love Santa (both of them).

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Hanukkah !

It's Hanukkah ! We are all ready to light candles! I explained to Teddy that there are eight nights of Hanukkah. Since tonight is the first night we will light one candle.
Teddy wanted to know why there were nine candles on the menorah. I barked that the middle candle is the shamash or the helper candle that we use to light the other candles.
Then Mom placed the latkes (potato pancakes) in front of us with sour cream and apple sauce.
First we tasted the sour cream cause we thought it would taste like whipped cream. Nope. Not fans. And we didn't like the smell of the apple sauce. But the latkes ?
Those are YUM !!!
Happy Hanukkah to all those that celebrate !
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Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday. So we emptied out our Princess Rosy poodle bank . We told Mom we want to give all of our bank money to charity today.
Mom told us to count up how much money we had. Then we could use her credit card for that amount of monty to donate to the charities of our choice.
Then we went on the computer to decide what charities to give to. Oh my. So many charities and we didn't have much money. Mom said she would contribute too.  We chose all animal charities of course. And some of them even matched our money! It feels good to give !

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Teddy & Jack Jack

 Teddy and Jack Jack love each other and have become total buds.
 Teddy loves to nibble on Jack Jack all over his body. He thinks he is delicious!
And Jack Jack like to catch Teddy and sometimes nibbles him. back.
And even though he is little, Jack Jack always makes sure that Teddy knows who is boss.

Here is some live action to see for yourself !

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Teddy and I sat at the Thanksgiving table waiting for Jack Jack to arrive. Teddy was surprised that the plates were empty.
Then Jack Jack arrived and after barking Thanksgiving pleasantries, we each agreed we were most thankful for our wonderful forever homes.
Then we looked at what we were being served. Mom explained that we each have a turkey leg toy we can chew on that has  special treats inside. (When Teddy and I whined a bit, Mom explained that Jack Jack couldn't have human food. ) 
So we all decided we would try our weird Turkey legs. Mmmm they were fun and yummy!
I decided to take my turkey leg and put it on my bed. I thought maybe if my plate was empty, some real turkey would appear.
Hope everyone has/had a delicious Thanksgiving ! 

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