The Lion and the Mouse

So based on everyone's opinions, I chose to be Minnie and Annie chose to be the Lion. Since we would be together on Halloween I wondered if I could make us work as a pair. And then I remembered one of Aesop's fables - The Lion and the Mouse ! How fab!  Do you remember the story? 

lion threatens a mouse that wakes him from sleep. The mouse begs forgiveness and makes the point that such unworthy prey would bring the lion no honor. The lion then agrees and sets the mouse free. Later, the lion is netted by hunters. Hearing it roaring, the mouse remembers its clemency and frees it by gnawing through the ropes. The moral of the story is that mercy brings its reward and that there is no being so small that it cannot help a greater. 

Which also reminds me of Shakespeare's words which I like to live by, "and though she be but little she is fierce". 
Happy Halloween! 
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Annie's Costume Choices

As suspected, Annie needs your help deciding what she should be for Halloween. I know, she looks pretty adorable in everything, but we really need to narrow it down. So what do you think she should be? Raggedy Annie? Poodle Annie, Geiesha Annie? Annie of the Jungle? Police Dog Annie, Fire Dog Annie, Cave girl Annie or Hula Annie ? 
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My Halloween Choices

 Its is time to make my decision on what I should be for Halloween. So I went into my costume box and pulled out some of my favorites . But I need help deciding. What do you think I should be?  Minnie Poo? Unincorn Poo? Fire Poo ? Police Poo? Red Riding Poo? Nurse Poo? Genie Poo? or Venetian Poo?
( Annie is going into her costume box next and I'm sure will need your help soon!)

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Pumpkin Day

It's National Pumpkin Day! What a perfect day to visit a Pumpkin Patch. But there is so much hay on the ground that sticks to my precious poodle fur. So I thought why not hitch a ride in a wagon! Annie liked the idea too! That was convenient since it also made a perfect photo op!
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A Day in La Jolla

Recently we went to La Jolla for the day. We love walking around the cove and seeing the sea lions. (See them laying on the rocks down below?) 

Lots of people go down there to see them up close. Annie got scared the last time we were here so we didn't go down to the rocks this time.
Then we went into town and there was an art festival going on. And we saw the most bizzare thing. All these kids were painting a big limo ! I kept my distance because I didn't want them to move onto poodle painting!
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The last time Bunnybell came for a visit a butterfly went right past our noses.  That prompted a discussion on what it must be like to be a butterfly. We both agreed that first being a caterpillar wasn't very appealing other than being able to have lots of shoes. But we liked the idea of being a butterfly. Not only can you fly around, but have such pretty wings in such fab colors. Mommy overheard us and the next thing we knew we had our wings!
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Shopping Halloween

The other day, Annie and I went to the drugstore with Mommy. Annie was very interested in the skeleton displays. 

Then she wanted us to try on Halloween stuff. I thought maybe I could be a witch since I am overdue for a grooming. Annie on the other paw, decided on a full disguise. ...

She barked I want to be a kitty! Then why do you have a werewolf mask on Annie?
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A Visit to Julian

Last week we went to Julian - an adorable little historic Western town an hour east of San Diego in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains. There are so many cute shops. Our fave was The Warm Hearth that had so much fab stuff! Annie sniffed around everything and chose a toy bear to bring home. I found this adorable antique truck just my size. I did not buy it since it was actually a cooler, and I didnt have $500! 

 Next, it was time to eat. There are lots of cute little restaurants. First we went for a yum breakfast to Granny's and sat on the dog friendly patio. Then , of course, we had to go to the Julian Pie Company for their famous pies. OMP! Did that make Daddy happy! 

And as we walked back to our car, I saw the perfect photo op. I had Annie go into the old time jail and pose. Isn't she just criminally adorable?  What a fun day!
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#FuzzFriday with Rocco

Annie asked if we could celebrate #FuzzFriday with Rocco.  Ugh. She still dreams about her meeting Rocco at BlogPaws. She was so starstruck! I told her that I don't think Rocco can come all the way from Utah to join us. ..
She barked that she was talking about his treats, not him! Oh, of course, Rocco & Roxie treats. Yum!
Then Mommy told Annie she can continue celebrating with Rocco. Annie was excited....
Until she realized that Rocco also has his own Rocco & Roxie shampoo. Now we all have an extra treat for #FuzzFriday - Annie smells good! 
Happy #FuzzFriday !  
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Sea Monsters

The other day Annie barked that she had a dream about monsters. I felt bad and asked her what kind of monsters. She barked that we were orange and purple sea monsters and it was really scary. I explained to her that her dream was probably triggered by the bag of costumes that Mommy brought home. 
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Bates Nut Farm

Recently we visited Bates Nut Farm. The store had so many nuts!

Then we made friends with sheep and goats. Two of them came to meet me and give me a kiss. I was polite but I thought they had a weird odor. 

 Annie on the other paw loved the goats and the feeling was obviously requited .
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#FuzzFriday - Bacon Balls

For #FuzzFriday we decided we wanted to try more treats from Sugar's cookbook. This time we chose what Sugar's Mom called "Bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner" .  Annie couldn't wait till the baking started and went after the ingredients - the bacon of course.

 Then the treats came out of the oven and we tasted them. OMP! Annie and I just love these. We call them Bacon Balls. SO yum! We just adore the Cooking for Sugar book. In this house though, the title has been translated into Cooking For Rosy and Annie!
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Mad Hatter Day

You know I like to keep on top of all days meant to be celebrated, and today is Mad Hatter Day ! So I decided that Annie and I should take out our hat collection and wear hats today! I selected one of my faves for myself and I chose a sweet one for Annie.  She agreed to wear it on certain conditions - only inside the house, for no more than 10 minutes and only if she got an extra treat.  OMP. Annie is becoming quite the model diva!  Will you be wearing a hat today?
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Taco Day !

How fab! Tacos have their own day! I wasn't going to make the same mistake as when I told Mommy we need to celebrate Taco Tuesday. This time, no RosyTaco. For Taco Day today I told Annie that we are properly celebrating with a Taco Fiesta! Ole´ !
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Shana Tovah

Tonight is Rosh Hashanah. Rosh means ‘The Start’ and Hashanah means ‘The Year”, hence, the beginning of the Jewish New Year! Its 5777 ! We eat Apples and Honey cause we want to have a super duper sweet year.  And now Annie and I want to say to all our friends and family that celebrate – Shana Tovah – which means "We hope you have a good and sweet year! "
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