Blog Paws Swag

Mommy had all of our swag from Blog Paws shipped to our house. The box came yesterday and Annie was beyond excited.  I told her she could have anything she wanted, but not all at once. I told her to pick one thing first. So she sniffed and searched...

And she found a bone. I thought she would ask Mommy to take off the plastic so she could start eating it. I don't know why I thought that. Of course she did her normal Annie thing...

She went off to bury the bone, plastic and all.
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Memorial Day Weekend

Its Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, that means lots of yummy food and fun. But much more importantly...

Memorial Day is a special time to recognize and honor all those military men and women that sacrificed their lives for our country.  
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Fab Friends

 One of my fave things about BlogPaws was meeting the fab Miss Harper Lee and her silly sister Talullah Bee. We connected a long time ago on Twitter through my brother Bear and have admired each other from afar.

But our Mommies were the most excited to finally meet eachother after being virtual friends. I just knew they would have to have to have a glass of wine (or two?) together even though it wasn't Wine Wednesday! 
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Blog Paws Red Carpet

The last night at Blog Paws was the Nose-to-Nose Awards Event. I finally got to wear my new dress special for the occasion! I just loved walking the Red Carpet! But like all award ceremonies, I also love to watch all the fashion – and Blog Paws attendees did not disappoint! Some of the highlights...

 The stylish terriers looked as if they just attended Pippa’s wedding reception!

And OMP! What can I say about the high fashion group of attendees! Did you see that one was of the feline persuasion? 

But everyone was talking about the Great Dane - what can I say? What fashionably chic colors of pink, black and white ! 
P.S. As you may know, I was a Nominee for best Pet Humor Blog and Best Photo on a blog. I didn't win, but I was so honored and excited just to be nominated. Congrats to all the winners and nominees ! 
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Blog Paws Greetings

I met so many new friends at Blog Paws today. I especially liked Simba, isn't he so cute ?

Then I met Carma Poodale . She's so pretty. Our Moms decided that it was a perfect poodle photo op!

 I met Leroy a few times during the day. But we both decided we didn't have much in common.

At one point, a creamy white cocker came toward me. OMP! Did Annie come to Blog Paws? Then she got closer and Bella introduced herself. I should have known it wasn't Annie. She was so clean and smelled so nice.
I cant wait to see who I meet tomorrow! 
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Trip to Blog Paws

This morning it was time for my trip to Blog Paws in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So I practiced one more time getting in my bag. 

During the first flight to Charlotte , North Carolina, first I slept in my bag. But for the rest of the flight I sat on Mommy's lap and read magazines.

 When we arrived in Charlotte, Mommy brought me to the pet relief area. I don't know why she thought I would actually use this.

 We finally arrived at the Myrtle Beach airport and collected our bags.
 Upon arrival in our room I immediately claimed the bed by the window and turned on the remote.

Then it was time to go to sleep.  Excited about Blog Paws tomorrow!  

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Keep Calm

The other day I asked Annie and Bunnybell to help create a poster. Each of us had to fill in the blank for "Keep Calm and ....". I told them we should each come up with our three faves and take a vote on the best. But we just couldn't agree! So since it was my idea, I made the decision.
 Neither Annie nor Bunnybell were too thrilled with the final result.
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Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. Annie and I love Mommy so much. So we wanted to plan an extra special celebration. We chatted with Bunnybell (Mommy's' Granddog) and we knew just what to do... 

 We planned a party with Mommy's fave - Lou Malnati's Chicago Deep Dish and because we love her so much - we got her pizza hearts !
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies in the world ! 
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Sea Lions

Yesterday we went to La Jolla Cove .  Annie wanted to go see the seals and sea lions up close so Mommy took her on the rocks. Of course, Annie had to pose for Mommy. 

Then Annie heard one of the big sea lions barking and thought she would go say hello. Then the sea lion saw her and started barking more and coming toward her. Annie didn't understand why Mommy pulled her away and immediately left. Annie thought -Wasn't the sea lion just being friendly?
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Foam Roller

Annie heard that it was Foam Rolling Day. That made her curious. So she took Mommy's foam roller to investigate how she may be able to use it. She rolled it with her paw but she was still perplexed.

Then she figured it out. The roller is a perfect paw and nose rest. So she took a nap on it to celebrate Foam Rolling day.
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Lost Sock Memorial Day

 Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. So I thought we should take out the family's single socks and support them in remembering and recognizing their dearly departed lost partner. Then Annie had an idea...

She thought she would bury the single socks under her favorite rose bush so that they wouldn't get lost too. 
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Lemonade Day

 For Lemonade Day, I thought we should make fresh lemonade. So I sent Annie outside to pick some lemons.

 Then I showed Annie how to cut and squeeze the lemons to make the lemonade. I thought maybe we could set up a Lemonade stand.

But before I could even put the sugar in, Annie drank up all the lemonade! 
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Kentucky Derby

It's time for the Kentucky Derby ! But it's not all about the horses you know. It's also about the fab fashion - and of course the hats ! I even got Annie to wear one! Good luck to all the horses and betters in the Run for the Rosy - oops- I mean Run for the Roses.
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Cinco De Mayo

For our Cinco De Mayo celebration, we decided to have tacos. I let Annie put hers together herself. I noted hat she did not use any lettuce or tomatoes. I told her I wish she would eat somewhat healthier.

She barked that she has a healthy appetite. Then she proceeded to continue partying with her second taco!
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