Unearthed Treasure

The other day Mommy screamed when she saw Annie digging up something in the backyard. 

Annie barked - chill Mom - it is my old favorite martian toy ! Aren't you happy for me that I found him?

Then Annie tried to bring the martian inside and couldn't understand why Mommy wouldn't open the door! Poor Annie.
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National Superhero Day

It's National Super Hero Day. So Annie and I decided to put on our fave Super Hero garb. Annie then becomes BatGirl and I become fabulously pink SuperGirl.
Now wouldn't it be fab if we could fly like a Superhero with our capes in the wind ?. Annie barked that she would fly to a Pet Store to rescue all the toys. I think I would just fly to Paris. Where would you want to fly to?
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Baking Pretzels

Today is Pretzel Day. So Annie, Bunnybell and I decided to bake Auntie Anne's Pretzels. First we had to divvy up the tasks. 
Bunnybell volunteered to knead the dough.

I assigned Annie to watch the dough rise. 

 Then Annie rolled the dough with her nose .

Then I asked Mommy to shape the dough into pretzels, I told her she did a good job,

 Then they were ready to eat !

Of course Annie grabbed hers first ! 
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Bunnybell's Party

Bunnybell visited this weekend so we finally got to celebrate her birthday. For her party I served pupburger sliders with sweet potato fries treats.

 And then just as Bunnybell's birthday cupcake was served, Annie decided she would have some!

 Well I gave Annie a piece of my poodle mind. How rude to eat someone's cake before they do!

But Bunnybell didn't seem to mind. She barked to Annie that she could share. That's why everyone calls Bunnybell sweet (not a typical adjective used when referring to me!)
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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I am reminded of when Bear, Bunnybell and I got together and came up with a great idea of how to celebrate. Save water ! Annie is totally on board with the idea too! 
How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?
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Swan Lake XIII

 The other day we went down to the lake and look what we saw! Mr. and Mrs. Swan with their new babies !

Annie wanted to know if she could go to the edge of the lake and get up close and personal with the babies.

I said NO! Annie. Swans are very protective of their little ones and you don't want them to get mad. I told her to keep a good distance. Actually the best thing is what I do,  just ignore them.

But Annie wanted to keep on watching the Swan family. I'm glad she at least listened to me and stayed back.
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Teddy Bear Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Annie sees me wishing our twitter friends a happy #TeddyBearTuesday . She barked that she wants to celebrate TeddyBear Tuesday too . I told her that was a fab idea. And now Annie can officially celebrate with all her Teddy Bear friends!
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Easter Egg Hunt

Annie and I were so excited about our Easter Egg hunt. I told Annie that there were treats hidden in a lot of the eggs. I suggested that she go collect eggs and put them in her basket and then she can see which ones had treats. 

So off Annie went sniffing all the eggs. I wished her good luck. The next think I knew I looked over at Annie trying to get treats out of the eggs in her basket. And then this happened...

A classic Annie moment. Basket head.
Happy Easter! 
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Decorating Eggs

 `Its almost Easter, so I told Annie we needed to decorate our Easter Eggs.She didn't seem too excited but I told her that is important to follow traditions and fun to do crafts.

 While the eggs sat in the color cups, I sent Annie away for snacks because she kept on wanting to drink the egg dye water !
Once they were all finished I called Annie over to see our little Easter Egg Bunnies. Aren't they fab? She was indifferent. The only thing she barked was ' Can I take the chick off my head now?'.
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National Scrabble Day

Its National Scrabble Day. I remember when Annie and I played scrabble with Bear. He was so patient with Annie who wasn't exactly into the fun.

Can you guess which words each of us put down ?
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Easter Bunny

Last weekend, we took the requisite trip to meet the Easter Bunny. When I saw Mr. Bunny, I was wondering if my bunny ear selection was a problem. Our ears were much bigger than his! He must have been a baby Bunny.
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Bunnybell's Birthday

Today is our neice Bunnybell’s birthday ! (FYI – she is our human sister Sydne’s daughter rescued 9 years ago today). Anyway, since we could not be with her today, Annie and I brainstormed about a party that we could give her when she visits. Annie’s imagination ran wild with so many celebration ideas.

I warned Annie that with all that going on, Bunnybell will get too zonked out. I think I will just plan a nice Princess Party.
Happy Birthday Bunnybell ! 
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Tonight is the first night of eight nights of Passover. So I asked Annie what she remembers about Passover.  She barked that Passover celebrates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt a super long time ago. Good Annie! What else do you remember? Annie barked that there are lots of weird foods on a plate that represent stuff in the Passover story. Great Annie! What else? Annie barked that its a long wait for dinner to be served but we get  yummy brisket . That's her fave part of Passover of course!
Happy Passover!
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Swan Lake VII

 The other day at the lake, we saw Mr. Swan. I asked how Mrs. Swan and her eggs were doing. But he just ignored me! 

Then later when I was alone resting in my stroller Mr. Swan swam right up to me ! He said he wasn't ignoring me, he just was concerned that Annie would chase him. Mrs. Swan is doing fine. I cant wait to see baby swans again ! 
P.S. If you cant see the video, you can see it here
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New Balance

Yesterday we went to the New Balance store to help Mommy pick out sneakers. While we were there, Annie wanted to get her paws measured. I, however, wanted to take feet measurement a step further. 
So I stepped on to the machine for a full feet analysis . Only problem is the solution required sneakers in a tiny poo size with high arches in pink. I was disappointed they didn't have them in stock.
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