Decorating Eggs

 `Its almost Easter, so I told Annie we needed to decorate our Easter Eggs.She didn't seem too excited but I told her that is important to follow traditions and fun to do crafts.

 While the eggs sat in the color cups, I sent Annie away for snacks because she kept on wanting to drink the egg dye water !
Once they were all finished I called Annie over to see our little Easter Egg Bunnies. Aren't they fab? She was indifferent. The only thing she barked was ' Can I take the chick off my head now?'.


  1. I don't think Annie would have liked the egg water with vinegar in it, yuck! We love your bunny & chick headbands, adorable! Your eggs look terrific, Rosy! I bet you guys let Mom help a bit :) Happy Easter! xoxo

    1. I dont think she would have liked it either! But she would have had a pretty pastel mouth! Yes, Mommy helped a bit!! Happy Easter! RosyPoodleKisses!


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