Valentine's Day

How awesome is our Mom? She made us Valentine cookies! (she didn't even do that for Dad).

I tasted first since I am #1 dog. (Dad calls me that). It was SO yum! I took a couple and then told Teddy he can try some.

 First Teddy couldn't figure out how to get to them without eating a flower.

Once he figured it out (it took a bit) , he put it in his mouth and barked yum.

Then I went around the table to eat another. Mom finally stopped us (and stopped taking pics) after we each had 3 . (I actually had 5, but don't tell).

Happy Valentines Day! Hope its Yum!

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Superbowl : Go Chiefs !!

OK. So it has been like forever since I posted!  I thought today was a good day to start back up. After all, its Super Bowl! 

We are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dads a big fan and so is his whole fam.  I borrowed his sweatshirt.

Teddy is all ready too. He is excited cause he  heard that snacks come with Super Bowl.

Teddy thought he would earn extra snacks if he showed his team spirit by being Teddy Mahomes.
Go Chiefs!!
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