Decisions. Decisions !

It's that time of year. Costume decisions for Halloween. So Annie and I took out all of our costumes to select which ones we may want to wear. Well, we tried to narrow it down. 

Annie first picked her four faves - Raggedy Annie, Annie Poo. Geisha Annie and Annie of the jungle. But then, she thought about it more.

So she put another four into the running. Policegirl Annie, Firegirl Annie, CaveGirl Annie and Hula Girl Annie. Then it was my turn.

I chose four faves. MinniePoo, UnicornPoo. I also like being a  FirePoo and PolicePoo. But then I found some of my other faves.

 Red Riding HoodPoo, NursePoo, GeniePoo and VenicePoo. Oh no! I have so many choices too!

And then as if we didn't have enough to choose from, we added some options that we dress as a duo. Super Sisters, KarateDogs, Crayons, Pink Ladies, Pirates and Sea Monsters.
OMP! We can't make up our adorable minds! So could you please help us decide? Which are your faves for Annie and me ? 
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A Couple of Things

While discussing more Halloween costume ideas, Annie barked ' Rosy! We can be Things.' What things? So she grabbed our Cat in the Hat Book and showed me. I thought that was a cute idea so I told Mommy. And very soon after, we became Things. 

Annie was so happy she kissed me!
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World Series

The first game of the World Series started so I put on my Los Angeles Dodgers jersey and sat down to watch. I called out to Annie but she says she is not going to watch because she doesn't have a Dodgers shirt.  

 I knew that. So instead of a shirt (which she doesn't love to wear), I got her a Dodger Bear toy. That made her happy!

So then we were ready to watch the World Series together. Go Dodgers! 
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Loch Pup Monsters

Halloween month continues. This time, Annie and I dressed up as monsters. I told her we should go down to the lake and we can call ourselves Loch Pup Monsters.  She didn't understand because she had never heard of the Loch Ness Monster, so I told her that story.
That made Annie scared. She barked that now she will have nightmares about Loch monsters. Poor sweet Annie.
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Maverick and Me

October is National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month. So Annie and I agreed to do a review of a book called Maverick & Me. The book is inspired by the life of the author Katherine Schwarzenegger's own rescue dog. So we started reading.
It is about a little cute puppy, who was found as a stray scared and alone. (Sort of like when Mommy found me! But I was not a puppy).
He was cleaned up and felt better. Then he along with other dogs, were part of an adoption event at a pet store. 
All the other dogs were adopted but Maverick was still alone in his cage. (That made Annie sad. It brought back memories for her when she was in a cage at the shelter waiting for her forever home). 
But then he was adopted by this little girl and he was so happy! The little girl had a party with all her friends to tell them Maverick's adoption story. She encouraged all her friends that everyone who wants a dog should adopt. And maybe they too could get lucky enough to get someone like Maverick! 
Annie and I really like this book. Being a former stray and shelter dog, we can totally relate to it. It not only shows how fab dog adoption can be, but it also communicates the importance of learning about it at a young age. If all children believed in and advocated adopting a pet from a rescue or shelter,  there would be so many more orphaned pets finding forever homes.
We think this book, Maverick and Me would be great to read to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or whatever child is in your life. Wow, this would be really great for teachers to read in their classrooms!! 
So lets just keep talking and barking about dog adoption and include the kids in the conversation  . Adopted Dogs are fab! And we think Annie and I are living proof ! 
PS - We received this book from WorthyKids/Ideals for free in exchange for an honest review.
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After our beach photoshoot problems,  we knew there was going to be a trip to Apple.  And there we were.  I asked Annie if she wanted to come explore the store with me. But she just wanted to watch all the people and be admired and pet by strangers. She's such a dog.
First, I thought I would help Mommy with her selections. I suggested the light pink or bright pink case. To my dismay, she chose red! 
While she was waiting for her phone to load up, I thought I would look at items for my Gotcha Day coming up. An Apple Watch perhaps ?  None in my size.
Earphones? Would ruin the fluff in my ears.
OMP! A small pink MacBook! How fab.  I somehow dont think that is going to happen. ( I should just dream about a more realistic present - a fab new dress and tiara)
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Beach photoshoot

Mommy took me to the beach yesterday for a photoshoot. She put me in this costume and I was supposed to look like a mermaid. I thought I looked more like a tiny skinny blue whale.  Anyway, I don't know how she didnt notice, bust as she was clicking away, the ocean came right up to my belly.

Boy was I mad! I ran down the beach in my silly costume. But she got hers. She fell down on her butt right in the ocean ! Then, since her pants were all wet, she drove home without her pants on!   
P.S.(Her camera was fine, but her phone was in her back pocket and didnt survive the ocean dunk.)
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Dog Sheep

It is Halloween month, so you knew it was coming. These are the first of our costumes (that is if you don't count the boas and wigs). Today we are dog sheep. 
So I got into the role of a sheep and went to the grass to graze.  Annie got into the role of a dog in a sheep costume and went to the grass to pee.
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Healing Treatments

All these years, I have been going to Animal Healing Center where I watched Bear and Annie get treatments. But this time, for my arthritis I was the client - its about time! So first I had my acupuncture where tiny needles were put down my back and on my legs. And while I looked like a poodle pin cushion, Keon (our fab vet tech) started laser on my back. Nothing hurt so I just sat like a perfect princess. 
The next thing I knew, I started to get pink beams on my head ! OMP! I know they cant make me any smarter, or any more fab, so maybe my lasered poodle brain will start having superpowers? We'll see!
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Fabulous Style

The other day I took Annie and Bunnybell to the beach for a style photoshoot. I wanted to have us all exude fabulous style. So I gave each of us a boa. We looked good, but I thought maybe we should take it up a level. 

So I added wigs. When I saw the pictures, I think maybe we should have stuck with just the boas.
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Black Dog Day

Today is Black Dog Day .  It is a day to raise awareness of and dispel "Black Dog Syndrome" in shelters. Black dogs are usually the last to get adopted and most often killed regardless of breed. Bunnybell and I think this is absolutely tragic since we, as Black Dogs, think our color is absolutely fab ! But we were both almost victims of Black Dog Syndrome. I as you know was a stray, and Bunnybell rescued at the last minute from a shelter. So the next time you are considering adding a furry member to your family, remember BLACK DOGS ROCK ! 
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