After our beach photoshoot problems,  we knew there was going to be a trip to Apple.  And there we were.  I asked Annie if she wanted to come explore the store with me. But she just wanted to watch all the people and be admired and pet by strangers. She's such a dog.
First, I thought I would help Mommy with her selections. I suggested the light pink or bright pink case. To my dismay, she chose red! 
While she was waiting for her phone to load up, I thought I would look at items for my Gotcha Day coming up. An Apple Watch perhaps ?  None in my size.
Earphones? Would ruin the fluff in my ears.
OMP! A small pink MacBook! How fab.  I somehow dont think that is going to happen. ( I should just dream about a more realistic present - a fab new dress and tiara)


  1. Sure looks like you girls had a fun day at Apple! And sounds like Mom picked a case to match the brand. Red Apple case! I guess Mom is back in business to help with more Halloween photo shoots! Did Annie enjoy people watching and being petted? xoxo

    1. Apple has so much fun stuff! Annie thinks they have so many fun peeps! Photo shoots continue. Stay tuned! RosyPoodleKisses!


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