Peanut Butter Day

What a great day it is to celebrate. Its Peanut Butter Day ! Mom gave me a spoon of it to lick. Yum !
When Mom gave Teddy a spoon of peanut butter, he decided to lay down and eat it.
I was so proud of him when he figured out to hold the spoon!
I on the other paw, just tried to eat the spoon!
So Mom let me eat straight from the jar as long as I didn't tell Daddy!
That's when the peanut butter sort of got stuck on my tongue,

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Polka Dot Day

Today is Polka Dot Day. So Teddy and I are wearing our bow ties to celebrate.  You may wonder why I bother to celebrate such a silly day.
Well these type of holidays remind me of Rosy, my fabulous little poodle sister. Not sure if she would have approved of the clown ties though.

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Birthday Party

 It was a sunny day, so I got to have my birthday party outside. Mom baked a birthday cake for me !
 After photos (must always do those), Titus and I went right for the cake. We were going to start with licking off the yummy frosting, but Daddy said we need to cut it first.
Then we got to eat 2 slices each !!! It was SO yum !
I  made sure to get every morsel off my plate !
I asked Mom for more, but she said I had enough for now.
So I went inside and took a nap. What a great birthday party !

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Happy Birthday Teddy !

 It is Teddy's birthday ! He is 2 years old today ! Since he was a rescue. I don't have a baby pic..
But here he is at 14 months old when he became my brother! How cute was he?

Happy Birthday to Teddy, the most awesome brother in the world!  Now, lets go party !

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Hat Day

For Hat Day, Teddy and I chose our two fave hats. Problem was, our faves were the same. So we are asking your help in which one I should wear and which one Teddy should wear. 
Hat one: Who wore it better?

 Hat Two: Who wore it better?

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Rubber Ducky

I went in the backyard and saw this weird duck in the spa. 
 I called Teddy over and he barked it must be there for Rubber Ducky Day today.
Well, I didn't care what day it is. I didn't like him in our spa. So I tried to grab him out but all I got was his silly hat. 
I tried barking at him to get him to go away.   Teddy told me just to just chill and let him stay for the day/ Ugh.

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Teddy Talk : Facial

Mom always thought I had a brown snoot because I get dirty a lot. But then Mom decided to ask Mr. Google and got a recipe that was supposed to help.  It looked like she was going to bake me some lemon cookies?
But then she grabbed my nose !
And then started putting the mixture on my nose ! What the Woof?
 Then she put some on my beard !
 When she was finally finished, I tried to lick it off.
It tasted really yucky!
After that facial, do you think I looks better?
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Beach Birthday

As a surprise, we took Mom to one of her favorite places. We made Mom's Birthday into Mom's Beach Day ! 
We were very good boys and walked in unison trying hard not to pull. (It was really hard when Teddy saw the seagulls! )
We took Mom to the moon rocks. She loves to walk there, We were really careful walking Mom so she wouldn't slip on the rocks.

Since there were no waves by the rocks, Teddy even went in the water a little !
After a long walk, it was time to go home. Teddy sulked a bit. Mom promised since we were such good boys we could go again soon.  YAY!  I think we gave Mom a great Beach Birthday, don't you?

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Spaghetti Day

Did I ever tell you that Teddy's middle name is Spaghetti ? Yes. Teddy Spaghetti. So he was so excited to celebrate National Spaghetti Day !
Teddy just loved his Spaghetti.
When there was not much sauce left he asked for more, and barked "can you throw some meatballs on top too?"  Now he wants to add a middle name. Teddy Spaghetti Meatball.  Silly Teddy.

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Happy New Year !

Welcome to 2019 ! I hope everyone's year (including mine) is absolutely awesome !

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