Beach Birthday

As a surprise, we took Mom to one of her favorite places. We made Mom's Birthday into Mom's Beach Day ! 
We were very good boys and walked in unison trying hard not to pull. (It was really hard when Teddy saw the seagulls! )
We took Mom to the moon rocks. She loves to walk there, We were really careful walking Mom so she wouldn't slip on the rocks.

Since there were no waves by the rocks, Teddy even went in the water a little !
After a long walk, it was time to go home. Teddy sulked a bit. Mom promised since we were such good boys we could go again soon.  YAY!  I think we gave Mom a great Beach Birthday, don't you?


  1. Happy Birthday Mom! It sure looks like a pawsome birthday by the beach. Was that Bear's beach? Teddy looked brave getting in that water. I sure wouldn't be doing that. What a fun birthday! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Mom! She sure is lucky to live near a beach so she can spend time there on her birthday!

  3. Titus and Teddy, please give mom a big wet sloppy kiss from me and wish her Happy Bday from Lulu, Poni, angel Bosco and mom too !! We wish her only good things today and through the new year. Lots of Love, Lulu


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