Birthday Party

 It was a sunny day, so I got to have my birthday party outside. Mom baked a birthday cake for me !
 After photos (must always do those), Titus and I went right for the cake. We were going to start with licking off the yummy frosting, but Daddy said we need to cut it first.
Then we got to eat 2 slices each !!! It was SO yum !
I  made sure to get every morsel off my plate !
I asked Mom for more, but she said I had enough for now.
So I went inside and took a nap. What a great birthday party !

1 comment:

  1. Wow sure looks like a great pawty Teddy! It looks as if you were so excited to eat your cake you lost your hat! Is that a new Teddy bear you got for your birthday? I see you took him to nap with you. Happy Birthday Again! xoxo


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