#FuzzFriday - Veggie Treats

Tomorrow is Vegetarian Day, so I thought it would be appropriate to make Green Bean Crunchie veggie treats to celebrate #FuzzFriday.  Annie, however, who is not fond of veggies was not happy.

But I told Annie it is a nice tribute to Fuzz to celebrate with Green Beans. After all it is his namesake day and he used to eat them by the Costco case full.  Fuzz even blogged about it.

So when served, Annie sniffed the freshly made Green Bean Crunchies and was not at all enthused. She barked that she had a better idea. 

Annie understood that Fuzz liked carrots too. So she decided that Carrot Cake from Three Dog Bakery was a much better #FuzzFriday veggie  treat. What a fab idea Annie!
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Celebrating Bear

Today is our Golden brother Bear's birthday. He would have been 14 this year. So we are having a party in his honor with a theme of one of his faves - Sponge Bob . And of course, pizza is served. 

To celebrate Bear's birthday, it is a perfect day to play his tribute video. Its full of sweet and fun memories for those who knew him and lots of smiles for those who did not. We all miss him so much.
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Beach photo class

Part of Princess School curriculum is fan photos. The class covers how to set up and pose for pictures upon fan request. Since we live in San Diego people often take pics of us at the beach. So I took Annie there to practice. I told her that first she needs to pick a good spot for the picture. So she chose a pretty spot at the ocean's edge and started smiling. 

That was when she had her first lesson about choosing the right spot. Since she got all wet and sandy I had to cancel the rest of the class. She barked next time she will pose by the rocks. OK. She's learning. 
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The Debate

Everyone is talking about the big debate today. I am still undecided, so I thought about what would help sway me either way. I would like Hillary better if she wore a pantsuit that was hot pink and sparkles would be really fab.  It would go a long way if Trump wore a tie with dogs on it, a Poodle Pattern would be everything. But seriously, whomever talks about the importance of animal rights as their highest priority would get my vote. So that is my Poodle-litical point of view. 
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#FuzzFriday - Cooking For Sugar

 Our dear friend Sugar came out with a cookbook "Cooking for Sugar"  - well, her Mom wrote it, but Sugar is the chief taste tester and top model. Anyway, we wanted to celebrate #FuzzFriday with one of the recipes and we chose Turkey Mutt'ins. 

OMP! They were SO fab! And even though they had veggies in them Annie barked that they were total yum city! Mommy loved them too! Can't wait to try all the recipes! Have a happy #FuzzFriday!
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Where's Waldo ?

Today is Waldo's 29th birthday! Did you know he calls himself something different depending on where he is?  So while in the U.S, we know him as Waldo; in the UK (where he was born), Spain, Holland, Italy, Poland and Portugal his name is Wally; he's Walter in Germany, Willy in Norway and Charlie in France! No wonder it is hard to find him -- you may be calling the wrong name! 
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Cupcake Week

This week is Cupcake Week. Well, it is in the UK ! So since I think cupcakes are so fab, I thought why not celebrate Cupcakes with my British friends. But I can't take an actual trip to the UK this week, so I thought I would just meander into British Cupcake Land in my daydream. 
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Talk like a Pirate

Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. So to help us get in the mood, we dressed in our Pirate garb and went to the beach looking for hidden treasure. A big dog came over and Annie barked "Ahoy Mutt" ! When he came to sniff me I said "Grrrrrr" . (Only since I was talking like a pirate of course!)
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Emmys Fashion

 As a recognized Fashion Expert, friends always ask me after awards shows which dresses are my faves. So from the Emmys I imagined how Annie and I would look in the fashions. I thought best for me were on trend metallic and pink and yellow tones - Claire's, Constance's and Ellie's. For Annie, I thought she would be most fab in the creamy ones to match her fur - Kristen's, Emilia's and Felicity's. Which dresses did you like best?
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#FuzzFriday Cheeseburgers

Since yesterday was National Double Cheeseburger Day, and Sunday is Cheeseburger Day, we thought the perfect #FuzzFriday treat would be Cheeseburgers ! We are celebrating with our family's fave - In-N-Out.  Annie and I are even willing to wear our hats for Double Doubles! YUM! 
Happy #FuzzFriday!
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Fortune Cookies

Yesterday we heard it was Fortune Cookie Day. I think they are delicious so I ate one as a treat. Annie on the other paw, doesn't like the cookies but she likes the fortunes. So she proceeded to open all of the cookies to read the fortunes. She was bummed that there were none about toys or treats. 
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Last time Bunnybell visited, we were thinking how fab it would be to be cowgirls. (Don't you just love the hats?) So we took a walk down to the equestrian center.
 One of the horses asked if he could meet me. So I obliged. But the minute he started nibbling my foot I high pawed it out of there. I guess my feet taste like sugar cubes! 
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We were not around on September 11,2001. But we are very aware and always recognize the date's importance. We mourn for those that lost their lives and honor all the service people and dogs who worked tirelessly on that day and in the aftermath. We are proud of NYC and the US for building a new World Trade Center that shines in the sky with remembrance and hope. 
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#Fuzz Friday on Teddy Bear Day

Today is Teddy Bear Day! So I wanted to  have a treat for #FuzzFriday that we could enjoy with our teddy bears. I googled what bears like that we could also eat. So Mommy made us some honey biscuits and I served them with blueberries! Yum ! 
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Salami Day

It is National Salami Day! So Daddy went to the store to get salami at our request. I was expecting a couple of slices, but he brought home three gourmet salamis! So of course that prompted a salami taste test. Could this day be celebrated any better? 
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Double Celebration

Today is a double celebration! Labor Day landed on Cheese Pizza Day! How fab! So instead of having a barbeque, we're having a Labor Day PizzaQue ! Happy Labor Day and Cheese Pizza Day!
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Fuzz Friday: Celebrating Bacon

Tomorrow is International Bacon Day. So Annie thought that we should dress up as bacon. I told her we don't have to be bacon. On Bacon Day we should celebrate by eating bacon. And since it is Fuzz Friday, we can start today! She thought that was a much better idea. So here we are, bacon eating bacon! 
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