Titus Day

Today is (unofficially) my birthday.  If you remember, I celebrated my Gotcha Day on Christmas, since that is the day I was adopted. However,  I appealed to Mom that I should have a birthday too. I presented two points:
1.Teddy has two celebrations. Since we know when Teddy was born, we celebrate his birthday and gotcha day.
2. It is a bit difficult to be the center of attention for my Gotach Day on Christmas.
So Mom agreed. (I should be a lawyer). Anyway, Since I was 71/2 when I was adopted on 12/25/17, it is my 9th birthday! And since I would like all the attention bestowed on me today, I would like to call it Titus Day ! 
I can't wait till my party later! 

1 comment:

  1. Happy Titus Day, Titus!! I'm sure you'll get tons and tons of attention today (and everyday). Time sure does fly! I can't believe your gotcha day was a year and a half ago. xoxo Have lots of pupcakes and prezzies today!


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