Post-Op Care

Annie 's surgery yesterday went very well. The doctor took all the lumps out. We will get biopsy results next week. Now she has a bunch of stitches so she needs a few weeks to rest and recover. We got her a new bed, but she likes the cool floor.  She is doing OK on her pain pills. You don't have to worry about her. She has the most fab nurse! 
P.S. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and prayers ! 
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Pre-Op McDonalds

Annie doesnt know it yet, but she has a big day at the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday). So Bunnybell and I thought we should have a McDonald's party for her today. 

 The Cheeseburgers were so yum. Annie loved her Happy Meal.

I really hope tomorrow she dreams of yummy burgers,  toys and all of her fave things. You see, she is having surgery to take off a bunch of lumps on her skin. 
Paws crossed for Annie to have a fab surgery with fab results. 
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Helping Paws for Texas

Today, all I can think about is the disaster in Texas. I feel so bad for all those people. And of course, I am also thinking of all the animals affected. So since I can't be there to help, I wanted to lend a helping paw. I looked into ways I can contribute. Here are some organizations that I found that are helping with the Texas animals. 
Humane Society of the United States- Disaster Relief Fund  http://www.humanesociety.org/

Best Friends Society : Hurricane Harvey Coverage https://bestfriends.org/

Wings of Rescue:  Fly dogs from shelters to help Texas https://www.wingsofrescue.org/
And of course we want to help the people too! There are so many places to donate, here are a couple that we will contribute to.
Global Giving: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/hurricane-harvey-relief-fund/

United Way of Houston: https://www.unitedwayhouston.org/flood/flood-donation/

Prayers and Pawprayers for Texas.
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Dog Day Afternoon

To celebrate National Dog Day yesterday, I decided to take Annie and Bunnybell to Seaport Village. I told them we will walk around first to see the cute shops then go to lunch at Sally's.

Annie loved the Dog Menu. She chose the Sally's Famous Pupcakes.

 After studying the menu, Bunnybell also chose the Pupcakes.

When the pupcakes arrived, Annie and Bunnybell dug right in. I on the other paw shared crab salad with my Mommy!

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Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day ! So to show how much I appreciate my dog Annie, and my niece Bunny, I made them cards. They loved their pics!

When Annie opened her card she was so excited that I consider her my fave dog. Bunny appreciated the card but seemed a bit miffed by her second favorite dog position. She is used to being first. 
Who is your fave dog?
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Waffle Day

August 24th is National Waffle. So to start celebrating, we took out the Eggos! 
I heard the toaster pop and Mom gave us each our plate.
Annie asked what was on Bunnybell's plate. I told her that since Bunnybell has a tummy ache, she can't have a waffle so she gets chicken. 

Annie felt bad, but she took her Eggo and dug right in.
As I was enjoying mine, Bunnybell quietly sneaked over and tried to grab my Eggo. I was prepared to say Leggo My Eggo but instead I reminded her that she can't have any cause of her tummy ache

 That is when she stuck her tongue out at me! How rude! 

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Solar Eclipse

 OMP! Finally! Its time for the Solar Eclipse ! We aren't lucky enough to live in the Path of Totality, but at least we will get to see a partial eclipse.

So I told Annie that we should get in place and put on our glasses to get ready for the eclipse. 

Annie as usual was ready for a nap,  She told me to wake her when it starts. 
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Clear the Shelters

August 19th is a really important day - Its Clear the Shelters Day ! 

There are so many different kinds of dogs at shelters. As an example I am presenting my family. all who came from shelter or rescue. Remember when we adopted my dog Annie the Cocker Spaniel at the OC Shelter? And my niece Bunnybell who everyone thinks is some fancy "designer dog" is from a shelter. And my late brother Bear the best Golden, was from a rescue group. And me, I was a stray. Luckily Mommy found me before I was taken to the shelter!  

If you want to add a pet to your family - Don't shop! Please adopt! 
Clear the Shelters Day is a perfect day to go to your local shelter and look for that bundle of love or two to bring home. More than 400 shelters in 20 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico will waive or discount fees as part of the one-day adoption drive. 
I hope you become a forever Mommy or Daddy to a shelter dog!
And remember: 

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Mommy thought for Annie's arthritis it would be good for her to swim more. But Annie is not a great swimmer. So someone suggested  a floatation vest. Well, if you know Mommy, she was at Petco that day! Once she got home Annie became AquaDog!

OMP! Remember the noisy floppy silly swimmer like this ?. Click for video

What a difference the vest makes! Annie was totally smooth and gliding quickly in the water!  Click for video. So you may think she enjoys being AquaDog.

But , not so much.
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Filet Mignon Day

 Today is National Filet Mignon Day ! So Daddy Grillman invited Annie and I to celebrate with him!

 I was SO excited! I love filets! Annie reminded me that I need to share.

So our filet was cut and we each got half on our plate. They were still pretty big so we tried to figure how to eat it.

That's when Daddy decided to cut them into bite size pieces.
As usual Annie finished way before me. This is the first time I remember her being sad the photo shoot was over.
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Hay there

The other day on our walk we saw a giant pile of hay bales . Of course my Mommy saw this as a photo opportunity. So tiny poodle me was placed on top for the perfect shot. Mind you it was a tad scary not to mention it smelled weird. This is a perfect example of my hard work as a poodle blogger.
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Eye Exam

Yesterday I visited the Eye Doctor at Veterinary Specialty Hospital for a recheck.  First I studied the chart to better understand my pretty blue Princess eyes.

Then the nice doctor examined my eyeballs up close and very personal.
Next she stuck weird things in my eyes, 
The doctor told Mommy and Daddy that the good news is, even with some cataracts my right eye is OK. Yay! My left eye not so great. Plus I need  eye drops for inflammation. 

And just like last time, the doctor said it is hard for me to be in bright sunlight so I need to shield my eyes. I know just which of my hats have a perfect eye protecting brim! 
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