Waffle Day

August 24th is National Waffle. So to start celebrating, we took out the Eggos! 
I heard the toaster pop and Mom gave us each our plate.
Annie asked what was on Bunnybell's plate. I told her that since Bunnybell has a tummy ache, she can't have a waffle so she gets chicken. 

Annie felt bad, but she took her Eggo and dug right in.
As I was enjoying mine, Bunnybell quietly sneaked over and tried to grab my Eggo. I was prepared to say Leggo My Eggo but instead I reminded her that she can't have any cause of her tummy ache

 That is when she stuck her tongue out at me! How rude! 


  1. Aww poor Bunnybell! I hope her tummy is better now. What'd you guys think of your eggos? I'm not sure if I'd eat that or not. Happy National Waffle Day! xoxo

  2. I laughed so hard....your pictures are always perfect!

    Love Lisa and Bosco


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