Hi! I am Titus ! My full name that Dad calls me is Titus Aurelius Maximus . 

About Me:
I was picked up as a stray when I was 8 months old and dropped at Poway, Ca Shelter. A family adopted me and I lived with them for 6 years. Then one day they told me they were moving so they brought me to boarding where I stayed for about 3 months . (it should be spelled Boreding !) They came to pick me up and I was so excited to be going home. But they took me to Retrievers and Friends Rescue in Murietta, California.  I cried for days.  I was howling MaMa ! 

Then on Christmas Day 2017, these three humans and two little dogs came out of a car to meet me. They all seemed to like me. So I jumped in their car and they took me home! Two of the humans are my forever Mom and Dad. I learned quickly that the little black poodle was my Princess sister Rosy. 
The other Human is my sister Sydne who lives in Los Angeles. She and her little dog Bunnybell were visiting. 

I am about 8 1/2 years old. I am a mixed breed. A lot of people think a wolfhound mix, others think Chewbacca is definitely a cousin. Supposedly, along with a mix of other breeds, I have a lot of Poodle in me! Rosy was happy to hear that!. 

I am a very happy dog. I love people, I love other dogs, I love food, I love everything.  But I especially love my new life!

Teddy :
On March 28 2018, Mom adopted 14 month old Teddy the Labradoodle from K9 Rescue . From the moment he came home, we immediately knew we were brothers and were so happy . I love my brother and he loves me. He loves all toys. I gave up trying to share. So he considers all 4 toy baskets his. Teddy LOVES to play! And we love to rumble ! Mom calls us wild and crazy. He never leaves me alone, which can be a bit annoying, but I don't mind that much even when I am fast asleep and he pounces on me. Teddy is super affectionate with Mom and Dad. I think after me, Mom is his favorite. 

Rosy and The Blog Legacy:
Rosy went Over the Rainbow Bridge on March 5, 2018. I miss her lots. I wish I got to meet Annie and Bear and Fuzz. Everyone loved them too. Below you can read about Rosy and the blog . This was her own bio:

Hi. I’m Rosy Rue, a fab Toy Poodle.

About me (and Annie):
I was named after Rose Street in Memphis where I was found as a stray in 2010.  I was lucky enough to cross the path of my Mom walking Bear and Fuzz (my two Golden brothers who have since crossed the Bridge.)  We moved to San Diego in 2011 and I officially proclaimed myself a California Princess.  In 2012 we saw a Cocker Spaniel on Facebook and my parents went to get her at the shelter. I claimed her as my dog and named her Annie.
(FYI, Annie and I are both forever young seniors- Annie is 15+ and I am at least 14 years old. I will never tell exactly!)

My Blog History:
Bear had a blog www.lovealwaysbear.com that everybody loved. His main objective was to create smiles around the world. I used to do guest posts on his blog called Rosy Reports. When we lost him in 2013, I decided to carry on his legacy and started my own blog BearHUGs Forever.  Rosy Reports is a redesigned, updated version of my blog that will continue to evolve. But my mission will always be to create smiles.

My Blog Description:
Rosy Reports is a funny, quirky blog about all sorts of things, from my point of view. My dog Annie is usually involved in my posts. Some of what I share …
  • ·      Stories about my daily life including beach and lake adventures
  • ·      Celebrations of special days and occasions, typically including food
  • ·      Products (for pets, kids or adults) that I find useful or fun
  • ·      Travel and sightseeing around California and exciting destinations
  • ·     My Princess School classes (Annie has been attending for awhile, not sure if and when she will graduate. But she tries.).
More about me:
My fave foods: fried chicken, chicken noodle soup and hot dogs.
Fave Color: Absolutely positively PINK!
My signature: My fluffy ears and pearl collar
How I am described: Cute, Affectionate, Spicy and Bossy
How I describe myself: Fabulous!

The blog is dedicated to my our family's wonderful Golden Bear. 
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