Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday. So we emptied out our Princess Rosy poodle bank . We told Mom we want to give all of our bank money to charity today.
Mom told us to count up how much money we had. Then we could use her credit card for that amount of monty to donate to the charities of our choice.
Then we went on the computer to decide what charities to give to. Oh my. So many charities and we didn't have much money. Mom said she would contribute too.  We chose all animal charities of course. And some of them even matched our money! It feels good to give !

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Teddy & Jack Jack

 Teddy and Jack Jack love each other and have become total buds.
 Teddy loves to nibble on Jack Jack all over his body. He thinks he is delicious!
And Jack Jack like to catch Teddy and sometimes nibbles him. back.
And even though he is little, Jack Jack always makes sure that Teddy knows who is boss.

Here is some live action to see for yourself !

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Teddy and I sat at the Thanksgiving table waiting for Jack Jack to arrive. Teddy was surprised that the plates were empty.
Then Jack Jack arrived and after barking Thanksgiving pleasantries, we each agreed we were most thankful for our wonderful forever homes.
Then we looked at what we were being served. Mom explained that we each have a turkey leg toy we can chew on that has  special treats inside. (When Teddy and I whined a bit, Mom explained that Jack Jack couldn't have human food. ) 
So we all decided we would try our weird Turkey legs. Mmmm they were fun and yummy!
I decided to take my turkey leg and put it on my bed. I thought maybe if my plate was empty, some real turkey would appear.
Hope everyone has/had a delicious Thanksgiving ! 

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Happy Thanksgiving

When I am asked what I am thankful for, of course I am most thankful for being rescued and having a Mom and Dad that love me and a brother (Teddy) that worships me. And I am thankful that I have lots of love and joy inside me to love them back in a really big way.
And today, I also want to bark to all of you that read my blog and follow me on social media. I consider all of you my friends and am so thankful for you're friendship. I hope all of you have an awesome Thanksgiving.
Now if you will excuse me, I need to take my seat at the Thanksgiving table.
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Thanksgiving wait

Sorry it has been awhile. I have no excuse, other than it is my Mom's fault. So here we are waiting for Thanksgiving. We are not thrilled with these pilgrim hats, but we figured wearing them would give us treats (we were right).
Ugh. I hate this wait. Where are you Turkey Day ??

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A parting gift

Mom and Dad told us that they were going on a trip and Uncle Brian would be staying with us. Then Mom gave us a Defenders of Wildlife bag with Polar Bear stuff in it. She told us that is a hint where they will be, Huh?

 Teddy was curious too, but content as long as he got to keep the polar bear.
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