The other day when we went to the beach it was very busy. I thought that maybe the lifeguard could use some assistance. So while Annie went to sniff the rocks, I sat perched on the lifeguard vehicle using my ears to hear any cries for help. 
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#FuzzFriday : Lasagna Day

How perfect! Lasagna Day falls on #Fuzz Friday. So we googled "Lasagna for Dogs" and we found a recipe rom Three Dog Bakery ! We gathered all the ingredients and with Mommy's help there it was right out of oven - Labrador Lasagna Bake ! So YUM ! Then Daddy wanted some so Mommy heated up Daddy's piece with some tomato sauce.  He liked it too! (Don't tell Daddy that Annie ate from the pan that his piece came out of! )
If you want to make your own, here is the link to the recipe Labrador Lasagna Bake
Happy #FuzzFriday and Happy Lasagna Day! 
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A Second Chance with Winslow

Last weekend our friend Winslow came to visit. Last time I saw him I posed the question if he were the Bachelor - who would get the final rose? But he never answered. So I asked him again. I tried to influence his choice by cozying up to him. Then Annie made sure to chat with him before he left. So who do you think he will pick - Annie or me?
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Happy Birthday Bert

You probably know Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. Well, it is time to celebrate Bert's 47th birthday. Annie loves Bert and wants to throw him a party. I explained that Ernie is probably already doing that, yet it was a nice thought. But I think I set her up for disappointment - now she is waiting for an invitation! 
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Amelia Earhart Day

It is Amelia Earheart's birthday. She is quite relevant in today's world. We have our first female Presidential nominee and the other night Ivanka Trump talked about equality and the importance of women. Well, not only is Ms. Earheart remembered as one of the most celebrated aviators,  but also as a symbol of the power, courage and perseverance of women in America,  I am so proud to be an American Toy Poodle Woman.
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Hot Dog Day II

I am really confused about whether July 14th or July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. But I thought to make sure I don't make a mistake, we will just celebrate both.  But I wanted to do something different than last year.  So I told Annie we will have pigs in blankets. That really threw her until they were served.
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Hammock Day

Today is Hammock Day. Even though we don't have a hammock, I suggested to Annie that we  imagine spending a perfect relaxing hammock day together. She barked that we would have a big hammock to share.  I disagreed. I would have my own hammock. I would not want to share with her since her paws are always dirty.  
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Comic-Con San Diego

So excited! Its finally here! Comic-Con International San Diego - the premier and most fab comic book and popular arts style convention in the world!  Even though as canines we can't go, we do like to get into the spirit. So we put on our capes and masks and imagine flying over San Diego to welcome all the Comic-Conners! 
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Surfing Inspiration

The other day on our beach walk, I saw this incredibly fab hot pink surfboard. I just had to get on it. The board was so bright, it even made my lips look pink! 

I was so inspired, I stayed to ask about surf lessons. I wanted to know if they have a class that stays on the sand so I don't have to get my poodle poof wet. 
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Another Sugar visit

Sugar came to visit us today. She spent most of the time jumping in the pool. Annie did not want to go in because she is not keen on a consequential post swim bath. I did not want to get my poodle curls wet. So we just watched her swim. Before she left, Sugar wanted us to join her in meditation. We did not do that with her either. However, we were happy to join Sugar when she was getting treats! 
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Fuzz Friday: Annie's Mac & Cheese

While I was busy celebrating Le 14 Juillet , Annie was busy celebrating National Macaroni and Cheese Day ! She was so excited to discover her own personalized Mac & Cheese. She is not sure who the drawing is on the carton since she thinks it should be of her. But she got over that issue as soon as the macaroni was served. So now Annie has proclaimed that the celebration needs to continue today since Mac & Cheese is the perfect treat for #FuzzFriday! 
Happy #FuzzFriday ! 
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Le Quatorze Juillet

Update: When I wrote and posted this it was a day to be celebrated, a day of joy. But now, this is has turned our to be a night of horror and sadness for France with the terrorist attack in Nice. Our hearts and prayers are with the beautiful city of Nice and the wonderful people of France. 
Today brings out the French in my  French Poodle self. Its France’s La Fête Nationale — what Americans refer to as Bastille Day.  I want to honor the country’s most festive fête in the best way I know how: by paying tribute to the French fab style with a cute Parisian-inspired outfit.
So to all my French friends -Joyeux Quatorze Juillet! 
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French Fries Taste Test

It's National French Fry Day! So we decided we should do a taste test among Fast Food places to determine which is our fave. It was a really hard decision, so Annie and I had to keep tasting over and over again. And in the end, we had different faves. Annie chose Wendy's. I found Burger King to be the best, probably because I, a Princess, would of course prefer Royalty! 
What are your fave French Fries?
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Cow Appreciation Day Part Two

In the last post I barked about Cow Appreciation Day and my thought on getting a free sandwich. I did it! I dressed in my cowgirl outfit and Daddy took me to Chick-fil-A. We went to the drive through and when they saw me, they gave me my free grilled chicken sandwich ! It was so fab ! I just love Chick-fil-A and I really appreciate cows ! 
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Cow Appreciation Day

Annie heard that today is Cow Appreciation Day. So to show how much she appreciates her cow, she decided to take it outside to graze in the grass. That was very nice. However, I think we should put on some cow attire and go to Chick-Fil-A to get a free sandwich!
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International Puzzle Day

To celebrate tomorrow's International Puzzle Day, I thought I would give Annie a challenge with a United States Map Puzzle. So I gave her the box with all the pieces and then left the room to take a beauty nap. When I came back I was so surprised! Even though she did not put the puzzle together yet, she had placed all the States correctly. I was so proud of her! All this Princess schooling is finally paying off! 
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Piña Colada Day

I thought what a perfect day to hold another Entertaining Class in my Princess School. So I set everything out for demonstration and proceeded with my lesson on "Hosting A Tropical Party with Virgin Piña Coladas". After I was finished explaining the ingredients and process, Annie raised her paw to ask a question. She barked "Why do I need to learn how to prepare drinks for a party? Doesnt a Princess have staff to do that? Dare I say she has a point?
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The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets movie came out today. Since we are not allowed in movie theaters, I thought we could at least read the book. I started reading the book and was immersed in the wonderful story. Next thing I know, Annie skips to the back page to see what happens in the end! She really needs remedial patience lessons! 
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Taste of Chicago on #FuzzFriday

The other day when we got home from our walk there was a big “Tastes of Chicago” box at our front door.  Daddy brought it inside and took everything out of the box.  I told Annie what all the stuff was - Portillo’s Italian Beef sandwich fixings and Lou Malnati’s Pizza.  She was waiting for it to be unwrapped, but then Daddy put all of it in the freezer.  Annie put on her sad eyes. Daddy said we will wait to have it as our treat to celebrate #FuzzFriday! So first thing this morning Annie barked – its Time to Taste Chicago! 
PS. Thanks to our fab family from Chicago for sending ! 
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