Fuzz Friday: Annie's Mac & Cheese

While I was busy celebrating Le 14 Juillet , Annie was busy celebrating National Macaroni and Cheese Day ! She was so excited to discover her own personalized Mac & Cheese. She is not sure who the drawing is on the carton since she thinks it should be of her. But she got over that issue as soon as the macaroni was served. So now Annie has proclaimed that the celebration needs to continue today since Mac & Cheese is the perfect treat for #FuzzFriday! 
Happy #FuzzFriday ! 


  1. Annie sure looks like she's enjoying her mac n cheese! Me and my sisfur like cheese pretty much too. How great is it that she has her very own brand of mac n cheese! That is so cool! Happy cheesy #FuzzFriday Rosy and Annie! xoxo

    1. She LOVES the Mac & Cheese and is so proud that it has her name on it! It is really yummy. She let everyone in our house have some! RosyPoodleKisses!


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