Hot Dog Day II

I am really confused about whether July 14th or July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day. But I thought to make sure I don't make a mistake, we will just celebrate both.  But I wanted to do something different than last year.  So I told Annie we will have pigs in blankets. That really threw her until they were served.


  1. What is better than celebrating Hot Dog Day? Celebrating TWO Hot Dog Days! Annie's confusion over pigs in blankets is understandable. xo

    1. Yes! Two hot dog days are fab, but I dont like to do the exact same thing twice! Just loved our pigs in blankets! RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. I agree! You figured out a great way to celebrate hot dog day twice! I'd like to do that. Wonder what my Mom was thinking? She needs to be up on the food days. I'm gonna tell her we need to make up for TWO hot dog days! xoxo


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