Mardi Gras

Today is Mardi Gras. I told Annie lets pretend we are at a parade. So when she sees Mommy she should roll over and show her tummy.  Annie did, and Mommy appropriately threw us beads. I was so excited. I just love beads. Annie on the other paw was not so excited. She was hoping Mommy would throw toys.
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Oscars Red Carpet

For the Oscars, I chose my white dress with flowers. Then watching the Red Carpet, I was so excited to see Hailee Steinfeld also wear a white dress with flowers . Hers was a very sexy version, which maybe I could pull off when I'm grown up. In the meantime....
I so want a gold dress ! How fab are they? Which style do you think I would look best in - Nicole's, Jessica's or Emma's ?
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Oscars Party Attire

So excited! It's the Academy Awards! I have to decide what to wear to my Oscars party. I was able to narrow it down to two choices, but then I just couldn't decide. So I asked Annie what she thought. She barked " Wear one dress to the Oscars Party and the other to the After Party!". How brilliant is Annie! She solved my dilemma and gave us a reason to have another party!
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Margarita Day

Today is Margarita Day. Annie and I are not old enough to drink and we are not fans of limes. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate! Aren't our Margarita glasses fab ?
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Pink Shirt Day

Today I wear a Pink Shirt symbolizing intolerance for bullying anyplace and anywhere. Bullies are bad. They can cause pain in so many ways. So my heart and lots of RosyPoodle Kisses to all those victims of bullying. 
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Love Your Pet Day

 Today is Love Your Pet Day .  I wasn't going to celebrate because I love Annie everyday. But I started feeling guilty when I saw all these posts about pets getting special treatment today.  And I was afraid that Annie would feel left out. So for dinner, I had Mommy cook a steak for Annie.  And since she loves me too, she gave me half. I love my Annie Banannie.
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Cherry Pie Day

Today is National Cherry Pie Day. I thought it would be nice for Mommy and Daddy to celebrate. So for Daddy I got the obvious – a yum Cherry Pie which he loves. And for Mommy, I got her fave Cherry Pie Winery Wine. 
Now Annie has decided to nap by the pie until she gets to celebrateCherry Pie Day with Daddy.
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Drink Wine Day

Now you may not think a dog and a princess poodle can celebrate today; but its probably because you don't know about the wines we got as a gift. Annie got the white Chardognay and I received the pink Zinfantail. How fab is that?  And don't feel left out kitty friends, there is also White Kittendel and Catbernet ! I am thinking of maybe giving these as gifts for my friends. Red or white?
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Star Wars gifts

The other day Annie had some minor surgery to get yucky things removed from her skin. So when she came home from the vet, Mommy gave her feel better presents - A Star Wars cuddle blanket with a matching Chewbacca toy. She loved both.  Mommy then gave me a Star Wars present too! ...
 Chewbacca Chicken Noodle Soup ! How fab ! As a gift, I will share it with Annie.
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Valentine's Dinner

So many people talk about having a special dinner for Valentine's Day. Since none of us have boyfriends (we are not allowed untill we are older), I thought it would be nice if Annie and I had Bunnybell over for a special Valentines' Day dinner. I was in charge of the setting. Annie was in charge of the food. Ugh. She forgot.
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Grammy's Red Carpet

As I was watching the Grammys Red Carpet arrivals, I admired the many pretty fashions. But OMP! when I saw Girl Crush I tried to imagine what I would look like in a pit ball dress. I thought - how fab! Then I remembered Annie would probably knock all the balls off my dress and claim them as her toys.  
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Spilled Milk

Annie asked Mommy for a cup of milk. (weird, because she doesn't even drink milk!) Anyway,  she went over to the cup and tipped it over with her nose on purpose! Very upset, I asked – why did you do that Annie? She barked "I wanted to see if you would cry"!. What?? then she barked “Happy Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day Rosy!” Annie is so literal.
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Pizza Day

Another great day to celebrate! It's National Pizza Day ! Mommy said Annie and I could each order our fave pie. I chose a Margherita pie and Annie got a Meatball Pizza. I will be sharing with Mommy and Annie has to share with Daddy. He better grab a piece quickly! 
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Rose Day

Its Rose Day! OK, so it is a holiday in India, but I want to celebrate it!  Pink roses are my signature flower, but I love all color roses, Rose Day is actually the first day of Valentines Week in India. Tomorrow is Propose Day. I am not dating anyone, so I don't think I will be celebrating that. 
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Superbowl Party !

Its time for Superbowl! Annie and I did not agree on what to have at our Superbowl party. So I gave Mommy my list and Annie gave Daddy hers. Now here we have our balanced spread of lovely fruit and veggies with a dab of Cheetos along with very indulgent high caloric snacks. Can you guess what came from who’s list?
Have a fab Superbowl Sunday!  
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