Weather Preparedness

 The last time it rained here, Titus was totally unprepared. So I went on to Amazon and got him a raincoat. (I got myself a new one too - isn't it fab?) I explained to Titus that it will be raining today and tomorrow, so he will need to wear his raincoat when he goes outside.

He wanted to know why he had to wear it now, while it wasn't raining. I told him, this is a rain drill.
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I keep hearing about all the snow everywhere. Since it doesn't snow where I live I decided to finally try to use a gift I received and make snow. 
I told Titus we need to put on warm clothes because we were going to make snow.  
We followed the instructions. And there it was,  about a cup of 'snow'. Titus and I were totally disappointed. So much for dog sledding.
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Margarita Day

I invited Titus to celebrate Margarita Day with me. He was so excited. He barked that he never had a Margarita.

Then he was surprised when I told him it is a pupperita. But still excited about the (chicken) chips! 
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National Cherry Pie Day

Today is National Cherry Pie Day .  So I thought I would help Mommy and Daddy celebrate. For Daddy I got his fave - Cherry Pie . 
And then I got Mommy her fave -  Cherry Pie Wine !  
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The Boxer

The other day I took Titus to the dog park and he met Justis. He asked me what type of dog Justis is and I told him a Boxer. So Titus barked that he will box with him. So he boxed. 

And boxed.  I didn't have the heart to tell him it looked more like clumsy dancing. 
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Photo Selection

Last week we went to a photoshoot event by AGoldPhoto in support of the San Diego Humane Society.
For Titus' photoshoot Adam kept throwing him cookies and giving him peanut butter, so Titus went into crazy dog mode! There were so many good photos, but here is what I selected as my Titus faves .

I on the other paw, didn't need treats. I posed using Tyra's tips from Americas Next Top Model. I look so fab in all the pics that it is hard to select my fave. I narrowed it down to four..

Now we have to pic a fave of each of us. I can't decide! What do you think?

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For Valentine's Day, Titus and I decided that we will be each other's Valentines. So we exchanged cards and gifts .

Titus is so thoughtful! He got me my roses!

He was so happy that I got him a bag of treats.

I am so happy Titus is my Valentine. I really love my new big brother.
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Mardi Gras

I told Titus all about Fat Tuesday. So he agreed to dress up in Mardi Gras garb. 
Now he is looking if anyone will throw him more beads.
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A present for Daddy

Titus and I decided for Valentines Day, we would make Daddy a plaque to put on his desk. And for his card, we will print out this picture. Titus is not sure he will like it. Do you think he will ?
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Figure Skating

Titus and I were watching the Olympics Figure Skating pairs. I said I would love to do that. He said he would be my partner. 

For a moment, I imagined what that would be like. Then thought I would be polite and told Titus that was very sweet, but our size difference would probably be a problem. 

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Titus and I are so excited about the Winter Olympics. So we put on our USA team garb and imagined we were were in South Korea. It is a bit cold, but I could always purchase a souvenir sweatshirt. 
What are you most excited to watch? 
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Frozen Yogurt Day

Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day. So I decided I should introduce Titus to YoPup, Yogurt for Dogs. I told him we will try both flavors. He was excited.

 Titus immediately started licking the Banana & Peanut Butter flavor.

Next he went for the Apple & Cheddar flavor. I asked which flavor he liked better. .

He said he needs to eat more cups before deciding.

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Titus and I are ready for the Super Bowl . But first we had to decide who to bark for. 

Titus chose the Eagles since his fave color is green. I chose the Patriots because I think Tom Brady is so dreamy. Who are you rooting for?
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Wear Red Day

I put on my fab red dress and found a red bandana for Titus. I told Titus that it is National Wear Red Day. It is a day to raise awareness of the issue of women and heart disease and encourage women to take charge of their heart health.  He asked what that had to do with him.

I reminded him that the two most important individuals in his life, Mommy and me, are women. So anything to support women is in his best interest. He barked in agreement! .
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Groundhog Day

I told Titus tomorrow is Ground Hog Day. Titus was annoyed when I told him "No, it is not a day to chase groundhogs". Then I explained to him the story of Punxsatawney Phil.

  Titus howled that f he were the Groundhog, he would make sure to not see his shadow so everyone would be happy with an early Spring.
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