Titus and I are so excited about the Winter Olympics. So we put on our USA team garb and imagined we were were in South Korea. It is a bit cold, but I could always purchase a souvenir sweatshirt. 
What are you most excited to watch? 


  1. We watched skating last night. The women sure had some outfits that would look lovely on you, Rosy! It does look cold. It's cold enough here! Katie Couric said its been around zero or lower, and I think there's a heatwave coming where it will be 25. Love your USA wear! Go USA!! xoxo

    1. Oh I just love watching ice skating ! And those outfits! I would love to be an ice skater just to wear one! It looked so cold during the Opening Ceremony - but it was fab! Go USA! RosyPoodleKisses!


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