I keep hearing about all the snow everywhere. Since it doesn't snow where I live I decided to finally try to use a gift I received and make snow. 
I told Titus we need to put on warm clothes because we were going to make snow.  
We followed the instructions. And there it was,  about a cup of 'snow'. Titus and I were totally disappointed. So much for dog sledding.


  1. Aww Rosy, I don't blame you guys for being disappointed. We've had a lot of that stuff this year! It's a shame I can't send you some. xoxo

  2. Oh! Maybe you could make a small ski jump and invite some mice over. Of course, then you'd need tiny skis, too. We had at least a bucketful of rain yesterday. If we put it in the freezer, we're wondering how much snow THAT would make.

    Love & loud purring from all of us... >^..^<

  3. No snow ❄️ here but plenty of rain 🌧️!

  4. Well, no harm in trying right Rosy?! And you did succeed at making it. I bet you could build a mini snowman, 'cause snowmen don't have to be any purr-ticular size. Hugs!


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