Valentine's Day

How awesome is our Mom? She made us Valentine cookies! (she didn't even do that for Dad).

I tasted first since I am #1 dog. (Dad calls me that). It was SO yum! I took a couple and then told Teddy he can try some.

 First Teddy couldn't figure out how to get to them without eating a flower.

Once he figured it out (it took a bit) , he put it in his mouth and barked yum.

Then I went around the table to eat another. Mom finally stopped us (and stopped taking pics) after we each had 3 . (I actually had 5, but don't tell).

Happy Valentines Day! Hope its Yum!

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Superbowl : Go Chiefs !!

OK. So it has been like forever since I posted!  I thought today was a good day to start back up. After all, its Super Bowl! 

We are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dads a big fan and so is his whole fam.  I borrowed his sweatshirt.

Teddy is all ready too. He is excited cause he  heard that snacks come with Super Bowl.

Teddy thought he would earn extra snacks if he showed his team spirit by being Teddy Mahomes.
Go Chiefs!!
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Happy Birthday Dad !

Believe it or not, we have another celebration ! Today it's Dad's birthday ! I let him use my crown, and just change the numbers. Teddy is so exhausted from all this partying he suggested we all take a nap. I suggested instead of pupcakes, we grill steaks. Dad thought that was an awesome idea! Now this party I am really looking forward to! 
Happy Birthday to the most awesome Dad !

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Birthday Party

Yesterday, my Birthday Party began with Mom and Dad singing Happy Birthday Titus. Teddy and I waited patiently till that off key song ended.
 Then I barked -- lets eat !!
So Mom cut us each a slice of cake. Teddy and I both dug right in !
There was still half of the cake left. Obviously we wanted more.
 I decided since it was Titus Day. I could have the rest of the cake. Sorry Teddy!

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Titus Day

Today is (unofficially) my birthday.  If you remember, I celebrated my Gotcha Day on Christmas, since that is the day I was adopted. However,  I appealed to Mom that I should have a birthday too. I presented two points:
1.Teddy has two celebrations. Since we know when Teddy was born, we celebrate his birthday and gotcha day.
2. It is a bit difficult to be the center of attention for my Gotach Day on Christmas.
So Mom agreed. (I should be a lawyer). Anyway, Since I was 71/2 when I was adopted on 12/25/17, it is my 9th birthday! And since I would like all the attention bestowed on me today, I would like to call it Titus Day ! 
I can't wait till my party later! 
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Jack Jack's Party

Our nephew Jack Jack, came to visit this past weekend . His Gotcha Day is not for a few weeks, but we won't be seeing him again before then. So we decided to celebrate the occasion early. You know how we love parties!
Jack Jack was excited about the pupcakes . I thought they were rather small. 
We finally got to dig in. Yum!
I ate my pupcake in one bite. In the meantime, Jack Jack licked the frosting, then licked his lips in-between licks. I just couldn't take my eyes off his pupcake.
I just couldn't help myself. When Jack Jack turned away for a moment, I took his pupcake!
(Don't worry, Mom had more of course.)
Then we gave Jack Jack his presents. One of the presents was a toy of a mug with donuts inside. Mom got really mad at me when I tried to steal one of the donuts!
But overall, a good time was had by all. Happy early Gotcha Day Jack Jack. We are so happy you are part of our family!

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Happy Father's Day, and sorry Dad !

Hi all ! I know it has been fur-ever ! Woofers block ? Anyway, I thought today is a perfect day for a blog post. Its Father's Day and I must bark that Teddy and I absolutely love our Dad. He is really awesome.
He doesn't have his jolly smile on, cause he is in a bit of pain with a broken rib. And it's us pups fault. Ya see the other day Dad took us on a very early walk. And when we were nearing home, we saw two coyote staring at us. We just couldn't help ourselves... Teddy and I ran super hard to go after those coyotes. But we forgot that Dad was holding our leashes. And we didn't notice that he went boom on the ground. He called Mom and she came with the car to look for us. We were about 1/2 mile away at the lake. We jumped in the car. We never did catch those coyotes ! In case you're wondering, we are totally OK, we were just exhausted. Dad has some boo boos but other than his rib, he's OK and he still loves us,
Happy Father's Day Dad! Hope you feel better sooner than your 6 week diagnosis! 

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Easter Fun

Happy Easter !!! Of course we had to take Bunny and Basket pics first! Then we got to do an Easter egg hunt !
There were eggs all over our backyard. I methodically cracked open each egg efficiently making my way around the pool to get all the eggs.
Teddy on the other paw, had trouble opening them. So Mom would crack them open slightly and he figured it out.
After I went through all the eggs I could find, I came to see if Teddy left any treats in his.
Then we were sad because the Easter egg hunt was over. We even put on our bunny ears again hoping we could do it again! Didn't happen.
Hope everyone had a fun and yum Easter!

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