Happy Birthday Sydne !

It's our human sister Sydne's birthday !! We love when she comes to visit us. Of course we like that she brings our nephew little Jack Jack too.
When I get tired, she always makes sure to keep me company and  hang in the grass with me. (Of course Jack Jack stays nearby his Mommy,)
And when Teddy wants to play (which is always) Sydne is always right there with him.
We hope she comes to visit again soon and we will throw her a special belated birthday party. In the meantime, lets all wish Sydne an awesome birthday !
We love you Sis! You are the best!

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St Patricks Day

 For St Patricks Day, Mom dressed us both in the same outfit. We let her take a pic, but neither of us were pleased. So she told us to pick out our own celebratory gear if we want.
 I went for the giant St Paddy's sunglasses. Aren't they awesome ?
Teddy  decided on the Irish cap and kept the original glasses. He knew Mom would think he looked adorable. That is when extra treats come out. Teddy is a pretty clever lad, isn't he?
Happy St. Patricks Day ! 
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Mardi Gras

Its Mardi Gras ! Teddy and I are ready to party! Mom threw us beads. Will you throw us some too?

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Polar Bear Day

 Today is International Polar Bear Day. It is an important day to raise awareness about the threat to polar bears from Climate change. Please lets all do our parts to reduce our carbon footprints and paw prints on the world.  Our family is especially fond of these awesome bears since Mom and Dad went to Churchill in Northwest Canada to be among them. Here are some pics.

Happy International Polar Bear Day ! Read more about it at Polar Bears International.

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The Oscars

 It's Oscars night ! We can't wait to watch and see who is going to win.
 We are sure we will end up napping through some of the boring speeches.
And Teddy is already dreaming of the after parties !
Hope all of our faves win ! 

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Margarita Day

 Mom told us it was National Margarita Day . She made us each a puperita and of course she wanted to take a pic. I refused. Teddy agreed unknowingly that there were sunglasses involved. You can just see how thrilled he is.
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Presidents Day

Today is President's Day. Mom thought it may interest us to read about all the First dogs and their Presidents.  I already read that book last year.  So it was Teddy's turn.
Teddy only became interested when he got to play with the Bo Obama toy.  (Yes, Bo is missing an eye. Teddy ate it.)
Happy Presidents Day ! 
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Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentines Day everyone ! Mommy is my Valentine so I dressed up for her and got her roses.
Titus didn't want to do Valentine's this year. He still thinks about last year Valentines.
He barked that Rosy will always be his Valentine.

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