Missing Bunnybell

I met Bunnybell on Christmas Day 2017 when she came with my family to pick me up and bring me to my forever home.
Bunnybell was there in the stroller with Rosy with her Mom Sydne and my new Mom on my first walk in my new neighborhood.
 In April Bunnybell met Teddy and we threw her a 10th Gotcha Day party.
She was so happy! And that made us happy because Teddy and I loved Bunnybell !

 But this past Saturday Bunnybell made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. That made us all so so sad. We gave lots of extra cuddles to Sydne and tried to lick away her tears.
What gives us some comfort is knowing that Bear, Rosy and Annie were there to welcome Bunnybell to the Bridge.
And we imagine Bunnybell is happy again, in no pain, prancing and dancing and eating lots and lots of treats.
We will forever miss our Bunnybell.

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Happy Father's Day

It's Fathers Day, so I want to tell you some of the reasons my Dad is so awesome. He takes me on the greatest walks.
And he lets me take rest stops for as long as I want when I get tired.
And he asks , but doesn't force me to go into the pool. He knows how I feel about swimming.
And most of all I love how he loves me and my brother Teddy. I think our Dad is the greatest.
Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the Dads of the world.
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Football star

While I was taking a break from lifeguarding, my cousins asked if I wanted to play football. I never played before, but they gave me position of receiver. And there was the first throw.

And I caught my first football ! Awesome!

Then everyone wanted to keep throwing it to me.

And I just kept catching it!

My family now calls me a Football Star ! Who would have known?
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Cousins Pool Day

This week my cousins from Colorado came to visit. They are SO cool and they love me and Teddy.  While they went in.the pool, Teddy wanted me to play with him. But I told him I need to be serious and do my job as lifeguard .
When they went in the deep end, I started barking for them to be careful.
I was especially concerned about Macey, since she is the youngest and a sweet little girl.
And then, while running to make sure everyone was safe, I fell in the pool! AAAAHHHH!

I was relieved to be back on land again and very happy when everyone was safe on their floats! 

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When I first came to my family on Christmas 2017, I looked like a Chewbacca Dog. Then over the past couple of months I molted into a Labrador looking dog. Mom thought I had some sort of disease. My Vet explained to Mom that my facial fur just did seasonal shedding. Doc expects that my Chewbacca look will come back in the Fall.
And then there is Teddy. When he first came to us in late March he had very short fur.  Over a couple of months he de-molted ! And all his fur keeps growing! We don't know how long it will eventually be. Can you guess?
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Lizard Hunting III

The other day we found another place in the backyard for lizard hunting. We saw one scurry into the big flower hedge next to the pool. So Teddy and I immediately started hunting

 Then Teddy thought that maybe he should look from the top of the hedge. No luck.

 So I started hunting in the corner and told Teddy to keep hunting along other side. Still no luck.
 So we went back to our original strategy of heads directly in the hedge. We stayed there for quite a long time. But no lizard. We will catch a lizard one day. I just know it!

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Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day! First, we honor and remember all the people in the armed forces that died serving our country to protect our freedom.
Second, we wait for Daddy to cook our a Memorial Day Barbecue food.
And there it is!!  Hamburger sliders (sans buns) with grilled sweet potatoes!
 YUM !!!! So good.
And then our food was gone. :(

 But Teddy barked out to ask for more!
I had to explain to him that we will have to wait until the next holiday celebration. And he barked - tomorrow we can celebrate Teddy and Titus Tuesday !!!
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Memorial Day Hats

It's Memorial Day Weekend. So Mom thought it would be cute if Teddy and I wore Patriotic hats. So I put on the eagle.

I told Teddy that he should put on the Uncle Sam hat. He barked that he doesn't want to wear the silly  hat.
Teddy suggested that we play tug of war with our hats. So he grabbed the Eagle off my head and started to play.
I told Teddy "NO!". the eagle hat is mine. And now that the photos have been taken I can do whatever I want with it.
So I made sure that I wouldn't have to wear this silly hat again.
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