Jack Jack's Party

Our nephew Jack Jack, came to visit this past weekend . His Gotcha Day is not for a few weeks, but we won't be seeing him again before then. So we decided to celebrate the occasion early. You know how we love parties!
Jack Jack was excited about the pupcakes . I thought they were rather small. 
We finally got to dig in. Yum!
I ate my pupcake in one bite. In the meantime, Jack Jack licked the frosting, then licked his lips in-between licks. I just couldn't take my eyes off his pupcake.
I just couldn't help myself. When Jack Jack turned away for a moment, I took his pupcake!
(Don't worry, Mom had more of course.)
Then we gave Jack Jack his presents. One of the presents was a toy of a mug with donuts inside. Mom got really mad at me when I tried to steal one of the donuts!
But overall, a good time was had by all. Happy early Gotcha Day Jack Jack. We are so happy you are part of our family!


  1. I can sure see how those pupcakes were just too enticing for you to stand, Titus! It sure looks like you all had a great time. Happy Early Gotcha Day JackJack! xoxo

    1. They were so small! So my stomach growled- "eat it!". JackJack barks thank you! TitusSMOOCHES!


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