A New Year!

OMP! Can you believe it's New Year's? We are grateful for all the good in 2016. And now we need to give 2017 a grand welcome! Sounds like time for a fab party to me! 
Happy New Year ! 

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Vacation: Palm Springs

Last week we took a short vacation to the Palm Springs area and stayed at the most fab place - La Quinta Resort. It was so pretty that I had so many pics so I made a slide show instead of trying to choose! It is almost always sunny there, but we got rain. But it was still beautiful and we had a fab time. And most importantly, the resort is SO dog friendly. We were allowed almost everywhere! And not only did the resort provide us with beds and bowls...

but since they knew we were celebrating Annie's Gotcha day, they sent Annie presents and a custom cake! Amazing!!
So if you're going to the Palm Springs area - we think you just must stay at La Quinta Resort!
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Christmas Presents

When we woke up on Christmas morning we immediately went over to our tree. We couldn't wait to open our presents!

OMP! So many presents! So fab ! But I think the present I got for Daddy was the best..

A poodle toaster! So now when he makes toast he can have a poodle image on each slice! 
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Merry Christmas !

We want to wish all our friends around the world the most joyful Christmas. We asked Santa  to help as many orphaned animals as he could to find loving forever homes. That wish is more important to us than all the treats, toys and tiaras in the world.
Merry Christmas!
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Christmas Eve

This year I picked out beautiful Christmas cookies for Santa from Annie and me. Then I also thought the reindeer may need a snack, so I left a plate of biscuits for them (I hope reindeer like dog biscuits. They didnt have any reindeer biscuits at the store.) Then I reminded Annie that these plates are not for her. 
Then I left the room. When I came back, I caught Annie in the act! I knew I selected the right Christmas attire for Annie! 
Have a fab Christmas Eve! 
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Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. So Annie and I are ready to light the first candle on the menorah and eat our cookies. The holiday starts at sundown tonight. We will do more posts about Hanukkah since there are eight nights of celebration. We are so lucky our family celebrates both Jewish and Christian holidays. So tomorrow we will also say Merry Christmas! 
Happy Hanukkah!
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Annie's Party

 I threw Annie the most fab Annie Day party. Paw Patrol and hot dogs!

 She especially loved the hot dogs!

 She even got presents with the theme - a hot dog toy and new hot dog collar !

Then we had cake. Mommy brought Annie's puppy cake. Our hotel sent a giant Annie photo cake! How fab! (Yes, that's Bear on it! It represents 4 years ago!) I will tell you all about our trip in a later blog post. Right now, I am just too exhausted from so much partying! 
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Annie Day #4

Four years ago today, Mommy and Daddy went to pick up Annie at the Orange County Shelter (Mommy saw her on Facebook!) Her name was Bermuda (how weird!) but we named her Annie.

 She was so happy to be in her forever home. Bear welcomed her with a big smile of course! I liked her too!

 Four years later, she is a very happy and content little girl. And she has the best smile ever!

To celebrate her Gotcha Day, we took her on vacation. I can't wait for her party!. We are so lucky to have Annie. Happy 4th Annie Day! 
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Packing essentials

We are leaving on a road trip today. I prepared my stuff to pack and then asked Annie to bring me hers. When I saw her pile of toys and bucket of treats I told her she can't bring everything. I said she can bring one toy and a small bag of treats. She wanted to know if I also had to take less. I told her no and explained that I only prepared my necessities. 
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The other day before we went to the snow, Annie told me she had a dream about snowmen. After we pranced in the snow a bit, out came the snow suits. Annie now thinks she’s a psychic.
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Christmas Trees

 The other day we went shopping for our Christmas tree. Annie and I are always in charge of sniffing out the perfect one.

Once we found our tree, I supervised getting it on the car to take home. 

And last night, Daddy did the lights and Mommy hung the ornaments. 

While our family tree is beautiful, I love my tree best. Isn't it fab?
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Elf on the Shelf

It finally arrived! Our very own Elf on the Shelf! I told Annie that this is Santa’s elf that will listen to our Christmas wishes and tell Santa every night whether we were naughty or nice.

I explained that first have we have to name her. I suggested Princess. I asked Annie what name she liked and she barked Sponge Bob, So we agreed to compromise and her name is Princess Bobbie. 

Before Princess Bobbie went to work, I thought I would give her something pretty  to wear with some poodlelicious influence. A reindeer skirt and saddle shoes! How fab!

When we awoke the next morning, Annie and I sniffed around the house to find where Princess Bobbie was.  I found her by the fireplace riding the reindeer!  

When Annie came over I reminded her that Princess Bobbie will be watching so she better be a good girl! 

Annie is not so sure she is excited about the arrival of Princess Bobbie in our house! 
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Snow in San Diego

The other day there was a ton of snow on the hill we walk by everyday. You may be thinking ‘SNOW in San Diego ?' Well, it didn't actually snow. Once a year, the neighborhood brings snow so that kids can sled and play in it. We didn't go to that party, but we came the morning after.

I pranced about but the snow was way too cold for my princess poodle paws.

Annie, on the other paw, found one of the only patches of mud and decided to stand in it. She thought the cold mud felt nice.

And then there was Annie with her dirty paws matching the reindeer on her fab new sweater!
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Cocker Meet-up Filming

Last weekend I joined Annie at the Cocker Meet-up. Even though she just likes to observe, she is always so popular. (they think she smells good - it must be a cocker thing.)

Anyway, this time Oliver came with a contraption on his back. As I looked closer, I saw that it was a camera - he was filming! 

 He then went over to my dog and immediately positioned himself for a close-up of Annie. (I told you she was popular!)

Then he started over to me, but I turned away. I certainly would want to be groomed first if I was to be in a movie! 
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