Christmas Presents

When we woke up on Christmas morning we immediately went over to our tree. We couldn't wait to open our presents!

OMP! So many presents! So fab ! But I think the present I got for Daddy was the best..

A poodle toaster! So now when he makes toast he can have a poodle image on each slice! 


  1. Wow you guys sure got a ton of presents! I think a poodle toaster is purrfect! That way Dad will never forget about you. Mostly the gifts here were for the little people, but we had fun, and there's a huge teddy bear that is the same color as me that I like to sit next to! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  2. Santa was very good to you and Annie. You and your Dad have matching sweaters! The toaster will bring smiles to your Dad every morning.

  3. LOOK at all those wonderful stuffies! Next time there's a tea party, you'll have a bunch of new guests and need TWO pots of tea. And lots of poodle toast. What fun! We had a good time shredding wrapping paper and rolling around in fresh catnip. We do that every year, but it never gets old!

    Love & loud purring from all of us... >^..^<


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