Holiday Garb

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I took out our Holiday garb storage bin. I asked Annie to help me sort through it so we can plan our December photoshoots. As I was chatting I looked over and noticed Annie fell asleep. How can this not motivate her to be in the holiday spirit? 


  1. Rosy, you have enough holiday spirit for both you and Annie. Maybe Annie will get into the holiday spirit, and be raring to go, after her snooze. You have many exciting outfits to wear I would say. xo

  2. OMC! How will you ever decide? Since there's still a lot of days til Christmas, maybe you can wear something different every day? One day you could be elves and another day candy canes. Oh! Wouldn't it be fun to dress up as Sugar Plum Faeries?

    Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx12 >^..^<

  3. You guys sure have a lot to pick from! Looks like we'll get to see some great photos! I hope Annie wakes up for costume changes
    . xoxo

  4. I don't see any Chanukah outfits. You'd make a cute dreidel. MOL


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