Easter Fun

Happy Easter !!! Of course we had to take Bunny and Basket pics first! Then we got to do an Easter egg hunt !
There were eggs all over our backyard. I methodically cracked open each egg efficiently making my way around the pool to get all the eggs.
Teddy on the other paw, had trouble opening them. So Mom would crack them open slightly and he figured it out.
After I went through all the eggs I could find, I came to see if Teddy left any treats in his.
Then we were sad because the Easter egg hunt was over. We even put on our bunny ears again hoping we could do it again! Didn't happen.
Hope everyone had a fun and yum Easter!


  1. Aww what a fun Easter! I love your bunny ears. Sorry you didn't get a second Easter Egg Hunt. We didn't even get one, so you guys are ahead of the game! xoxo

  2. wow you are lucky...you have Easter AND Passover?


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