It's Jack Jack !

This past weekend, my human sis Sydne came to visit with her new fur baby Jack Jack. He is a little rescue mutt from China.
At first, I didn't know what to make of him.
Then Teddy and I spent time with Jack Jack and thought he was nice.
Teddy liked him so much that he shared his toys with Jack Jack and even let him win at Tug of War.

I played with him on the couch . I have no idea why Mom and Sydne were nervous. 
I decided that I love my new little nephew Jack Jack.  I think he loves me too.
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Day of the Cowboy

I heard today is National Day of the Cowboy so I immediately grabbed my hat and bandana. Teddy didn't want to be a cowboy because he doesn't like hats.
 I thought I would take a nap and dream about my cowboy chores of rounding up all the cattle at my house.
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Another Pool Day

Mom had one of her brilliant ideas. She thought maybe Teddy and I would like swimming better if we had life jackets.

 I decided to ignore my new attire and be a pool jock. So Dad threw me a. ball.

 I caught every single  ball Dad threw !
Then when Mom  kept pushing me in, I had confidence swimming in my new jacket so I even grabbed a ball !
Teddy on the other paw, still was not happy to swim even with his jacket.

So Teddy just relaxed with Dad.

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Pool day

 When Mom and Dad got back from their trip we were still having a heat wave. So they thought it was.a good idea to have a pool day. Teddy went in first and was happy as long as Dad was holding him.
Then Mom pushed me in and Dad held me. I, unlike Teddy, was not very happy. Teddy kept barking at me to just chill !
Finally Dad released me and I just could not wait to get out of the water!
Teddy was there to greet me at the steps. 
And wanted me to go in again. No Teddy. Not happening.

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Mom and Dad went away on vacation. Our friend Brian is saying with us. We love him very much. So for the next couple of weeks, Teddy and I decided we are taking a staycation . No dressing up, posing or taking pics. Just fun walks, playing, digging, rumbling, napping and being ourselves. Wild and crazy dogs! See ya in a couple of weeks!
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