Another Pool Day

Mom had one of her brilliant ideas. She thought maybe Teddy and I would like swimming better if we had life jackets.

 I decided to ignore my new attire and be a pool jock. So Dad threw me a. ball.

 I caught every single  ball Dad threw !
Then when Mom  kept pushing me in, I had confidence swimming in my new jacket so I even grabbed a ball !
Teddy on the other paw, still was not happy to swim even with his jacket.

So Teddy just relaxed with Dad.


  1. life jackets sound like a good idea.

    I watched Teddy with dad around 30 times already... and counting.

  2. Titus and Teddy...I just love your new swim vests....and Titus I'm so proud of you for getting the football and swimming in the water, (with a little help from your mom), I barked so hard when I saw Dad floating Teddy on his back...I'm glad you both are learning to dog paddle, someday you will be great swimmers and you can learn to jump in and get out of the heat!! Be good...no digging...Lot's of Love, Lulu


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