Pool day

 When Mom and Dad got back from their trip we were still having a heat wave. So they thought it was.a good idea to have a pool day. Teddy went in first and was happy as long as Dad was holding him.
Then Mom pushed me in and Dad held me. I, unlike Teddy, was not very happy. Teddy kept barking at me to just chill !
Finally Dad released me and I just could not wait to get out of the water!
Teddy was there to greet me at the steps. 
And wanted me to go in again. No Teddy. Not happening.


  1. Awe Titus, I don't like swimming either. I guess Teddy feels like if you keep trying maybe you'll grow to like it! It looks like Mom and Dad had a great vacation. I bet you missed them! xoxo

  2. you are so lucky to have a pool! Yours is gorgeous! Did your Daddy make more steak that day too? Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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