New Year's Eve

There I was in my most beautiful dress with matching crown thinking about what I should do for New Year's Eve. 

 Then I call Titus over and ask him what he is doing for New Year's Eve. He had no plans.

So we decided that we could spend New Year's together and watch Ryan Seacrest. I bet Titus will fall asleep before the ball drops.
Happy New Year!
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Bacon Day

It's Bacon Day! I decided it is the perfect day to teach Titus about photoshoots. So Mommy prepared each of us a plate of bacon. I told Titus he had to wait until after I started eating it. And he did. 

Then I told him he could start eating. And he did.  How fab! Titus already understands that he has to listen to me!
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Daddy's Boy

After Titus got home, we went to the lake. Titus couldn't get enough of all the smells and pulled Daddy all around the lake.

Daddy loved it. So did Titus.

When we got back home, Titus was pooped, so he laid down on the floor to rest. Daddy wanted to keep him company and laid down right next to him! 

Then it was time to grill. This time, Titus went to keep Daddy company.  So the male bonding has begun.
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Christmas Dog

After opening presents on Christmas morning, we all went for a long drive. When we finally stopped we all got out, I thought we were at a little park. Then we saw a big dog.

 For some weird reason Mommy had me smell his butt.

 Then the big dog said hello to Bunnybell.

And then I was asked to pose with Mommy and Daddy and this weird brown dog.

The next thing I knew, the giant dog is in the back of our car.

While we were driving,  I look up from Mommy's lap and see his big head.

When we got to our house, he jumped out of the car and peed on my pink rose bush!
His name is Titus. He is my new brother with fab highlights.
P.S. I know some of you will be very surprised since we just lost Annie. And while our hearts are still broken, we found out about a dog that was also heartbroken after losing his family. So we decided we can help mend each other's hearts and he now has his forever home. 
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Pink Christmas

I know everyone dreams about a white Christmas, I dream and am having a pink Christmas! No matter what your Christmas dreams are, I hope they come true.
Have a fab Christmas.
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Christmas Tree

It's almost Christmas. We finally got our tree. I know it is a bit small, but with Annie not being here, we are going a bit low key with Christmas this year. Actually it is the perfect size for me and Bunnybell. And with a pink poodle on top, I think it is just fab!
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Farewell Sweet Annie

I have a very sad Rosy Report .  Before I went to the groomer this morning, I kissed Annie and patted her head.  Then while I was gone, our Vet came to our house.  And while staring into Mommy’s eyes and Daddy stroking her head, Annie fell asleep forever.  I am so heartbroken. But I know that Annie is now pain free and Bear is there to hold her paw and introduce her to everyone over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Annie was an amazing sweet, funny and beautiful dog. I think she was the best dog. I miss her so much already.

Mommy and I will be working on a tribute to Annie. We have over 25,000 pics of her, so it will take a while to do. In the meantime, I will continue with my regular Rosy Reports real soon.
PS – For those of you that don’t know, Annie was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma cancer (cancer of the blood) in September 2013. After surgery for mass removal, she was given 6-8 weeks.  But she was with us 3 ½ more years. Annie was our miracle dog.
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Ugly Sweater Day

Today is Ugly Sweater Day. I assumed it refers to Christmas Sweaters.. So I took out my collection to decide which I would wear. The problem is my taste is so impeccable I don't own an ugly sweater!

Annie barked since we don't have any ugly sweaters we should just not wear a sweater.  I guess that makes sense since it will be close to 80 degrees here today!
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It's Hanukkah !

Its the first night of Hanukkah. Mommy made the Latkes for us. I put two candles in my new pink castle menorah (one of my Hanukkah presents! Isn't it fab?) I started telling Annie the story of Hanukkah .

OMP! She fell asleep on the story! Well anyway. I woke her up to tell her it was time for Latkes! (In case you don't know, Latkes are super yum potato pancakes. A Hanukkah eating tradition!)

 I put her plate of Latkes infront of her. Her tastebuds must be off. She thought they looked and smelled weird.

Not me! I just adore Latkes. They are so beyond delish !
For those who celebrate, hope you have a happy and yummy Hanukkah ! For those that don't, at least try some Latkes. They are so fab! 
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Snow Day

No. It doesn't snow in San Diego. But every year our neighborhood brings snow in for the kids. So yesterday since the kids were done,  I couldn't wait to take Annie to see the snow.

Of course we had to sniff it first. To me It smelled like kids and hay,
Annie liked the smell so much she tasted it and thought it was delicious.
Then we went off on our own. I went up the big hill.
Annie stayed where she was and barked that she was cold.
I came back over to Annie and told her not to worry because I was prepared. I brought earmuffs for both of us!
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Santa Visits

Last weekend we went to see Santa at Petco. Annie and I both sat on Santa's lap but I went first with my Santa Chat. I had a lot to discuss and ended up taking too much time. So Mommy told Annie that Santa is going to the Unleashed store and she can see Santa there. That way, Annie can have a full turn.

So we went to Unleashed and Santa sat on the floor with Annie and they had a chat. That made Annie feel very special and she was happy.

After Annie was done, I went over to see Santa . I just had to know what color nail polish Santa was wearing! 
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Christmas Trees

Mommy got Annie, Bunnybell and I Christmas Tree costumes. She had some sort of vision in her head for a photoshoot by the lake. She picked a pretty spot, but you couldn't see our costumes.
Then she turned us around (why couldnt she just go behind us?) and then you couldn't see all of our faces. So she didn't like that.
Then she had us go to another spot. She wasn't happy with that either. She said the green costumes are blending in with the grass and greenery. 
That was it. We said we were leaving. We don't get paid for this you know.
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