New Year's Eve

There I was in my most beautiful dress with matching crown thinking about what I should do for New Year's Eve. 

 Then I call Titus over and ask him what he is doing for New Year's Eve. He had no plans.

So we decided that we could spend New Year's together and watch Ryan Seacrest. I bet Titus will fall asleep before the ball drops.
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Rosy and Titus and Family ! We are having a nice New Years Eve with lab Tucker and Cousin Christie and her beagle mix Abby. Barley is having his snoozies now so he can stay up for the festivities. I bet if you wave bacon under Titus's nose he will wake up for the ball drop and champagne toast ! I put bits of steak on my champagne toast ! Happy New Years, you and yours are the bestest !!

  2. Aww it looks like Titus is trying to hold your paw! I think you should spend New Year's together celebrating your new family member, Rosy! Happy New Year
    to you, Titus, and your whole family! xoxo

  3. Awww.. It looks like you guys are getting along well. So happy for Titus to have found you and your family. Happy New Year Rosy.

  4. Titus is already photo shoot ready....how wonderful!! What kind of dog is Titus or is he a handsome mutt like myself? Happy New Year to you all Woofs of love, Bosco.

  5. Oh! The two of you look so DAPPER! Your crown is your most beautiful one yet, Rosy. You're an elegant lady for sure. And Titus! That hat is perfect. You look like a Detective Dog. Maybe you can investigate how this past year went by so fast.

    All of us send love and loud purring to all of you. We and OurPeople are sending big wishes for happiness, good health and many fun times with friends old and new.

    We especially are thinking of the many fur family members we've lost this year...Freddie, Annabelle, PommieCat, Gracie, Midnight and your dear sweet Annie Pup. We hope she got a pretty princess crown when she got her wings!

    Judging from the music and singing we've been hearing all day from up in the clouds, there's a big party going on at the Bridge with catnip, tasty treats and lots of new toys for everyone!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from RainbowCatsx12 ~ Rocket, Chin, Julie, Daisy, Zhaan, Colby, Violetta, Nick, Tiki, Amy, George and Joey! And hello from the porch kitties, too ~ Sunshine, Mr. Grey, Cloud Kitty and FluffyCat. Whew!


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