Valentine's Day

How awesome is our Mom? She made us Valentine cookies! (she didn't even do that for Dad).

I tasted first since I am #1 dog. (Dad calls me that). It was SO yum! I took a couple and then told Teddy he can try some.

 First Teddy couldn't figure out how to get to them without eating a flower.

Once he figured it out (it took a bit) , he put it in his mouth and barked yum.

Then I went around the table to eat another. Mom finally stopped us (and stopped taking pics) after we each had 3 . (I actually had 5, but don't tell).

Happy Valentines Day! Hope its Yum!


  1. Camellias, cookies and a coupla cute California canines! Have a happy HAPPY day!! Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx11.


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