Lizard Hunting III

The other day we found another place in the backyard for lizard hunting. We saw one scurry into the big flower hedge next to the pool. So Teddy and I immediately started hunting

 Then Teddy thought that maybe he should look from the top of the hedge. No luck.

 So I started hunting in the corner and told Teddy to keep hunting along other side. Still no luck.
 So we went back to our original strategy of heads directly in the hedge. We stayed there for quite a long time. But no lizard. We will catch a lizard one day. I just know it!

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Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day! First, we honor and remember all the people in the armed forces that died serving our country to protect our freedom.
Second, we wait for Daddy to cook our a Memorial Day Barbecue food.
And there it is!!  Hamburger sliders (sans buns) with grilled sweet potatoes!
 YUM !!!! So good.
And then our food was gone. :(

 But Teddy barked out to ask for more!
I had to explain to him that we will have to wait until the next holiday celebration. And he barked - tomorrow we can celebrate Teddy and Titus Tuesday !!!
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Memorial Day Hats

It's Memorial Day Weekend. So Mom thought it would be cute if Teddy and I wore Patriotic hats. So I put on the eagle.

I told Teddy that he should put on the Uncle Sam hat. He barked that he doesn't want to wear the silly  hat.
Teddy suggested that we play tug of war with our hats. So he grabbed the Eagle off my head and started to play.
I told Teddy "NO!". the eagle hat is mine. And now that the photos have been taken I can do whatever I want with it.
So I made sure that I wouldn't have to wear this silly hat again.
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Teddy's Photoshoot

Last week Mom took Teddy for a professional photoshoot. Remember when Rosy and I went and we asked you to help us with photo selection

Now Teddy needs your help selecting..Which one of the four is your fave? 
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Lizard Hunting II

The hedge right outside our kitchen is a lizard haven. I called Teddy over when I thought I saw one.

 So we stuck our heads inside the hedge and went hunting.

Then I thought I would try a new strategy. I will go behind the hedge for a surprise attack. Teddy thought that was brilliant, but I didn't fit.

Of course I wasn't giving up. My strategy was solid, I needed to change my tactics. So I went in from the other side and walked behind the hedge. Still no lizard. I will catch one someday. I just know it.

Here is the video.

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Royal Wedding

With all the excitement about the Royal Wedding, Teddy and I took an imaginary trip to England and went directly to Windsor Castle.

We went into St. George's Church where Megan and Harry will say I do, kiss, and have a reception in the beautiful Church Hall.

Next stop The Frogmore House for the evening reception and a fun celebration.
That was just the practice run. We will take our trip again during the actual event. Maybe we will even see ourselves on TV!
Congratulations Meghan and Harry !! 
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The other day I wanted to take a nap so Teddy went to play in the backyard by himself, After awhile, Mom went outside to check on him. Teddy barked Hi Mom!

After Mom said a few words we are not supposed to hear or bark, Teddy figured out that maybe digging a giant hole wasn't such a great idea..

Then he knew it was a really bad idea. Cause since he was a dirty digger, he had to have a bath.
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Mother's Day !

Its Mother's Day! Teddy was in charge of decor and food for our brunch. I told him to think of things Mom loved. So he decided the theme was dogs and she would have her favorite pizza - Lou Malnati's from Chicago! Great choices Teddy!

Teddy told Mom in advance. So as a surprise Mom made us our own pizza to share. Pizza crust made of chopped turkey and topped with cheese and hot dogs! How awesome !

 Ot course we invited Bunnybell and her Mom (our sis) Sydne to join us for brunch.

We were so excited when Mom cut our pie in slices.

OMT ! Our pie was SO delicious.  Teddy and I gobbled our slices, while Bunnybell tried to eat quicker but she has less teeth than we do.

I hope Mom loved her Mother's Day Brunch. I love her so much.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms of the world! 
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Lizard hunting

One of the things I love about our backyard is that there are so many lizards . However, I still have not been able to catch one! The other day I saw a lizard run under the lounge chair.

Teddy came over and asked what I was doing. I barked that I was lizard hunting. And of course he was excited to join in.

Since I didn't see it under the chair, Teddy barked that he would take a look.

Teddy didn't see it, so I started looking again. He barked that maybe the lizard went under the other chair.

So Teddy decided to take a look if there were any lizards under the other chair. Nope.

Well, we kept on looking for awhile but never did find a lizard.  One of my life goals is to have a successful lizard hunt.
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Nap Interrupted

There I was taking my afternoon nap on the sofa. I was having such great dreams of bacon and meatballs.

Just as I was about to bite into a meatball, Teddy woke me up and wanted to play.I tried to tell him to go away and let me get back to my dream.

But Teddy kept trying to wrestle with me.

And before I knew it I tumbled off the couch !

Then he barked that he was tired and wanted to take a nap. Really Teddy?
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