Lizard Hunting II

The hedge right outside our kitchen is a lizard haven. I called Teddy over when I thought I saw one.

 So we stuck our heads inside the hedge and went hunting.

Then I thought I would try a new strategy. I will go behind the hedge for a surprise attack. Teddy thought that was brilliant, but I didn't fit.

Of course I wasn't giving up. My strategy was solid, I needed to change my tactics. So I went in from the other side and walked behind the hedge. Still no lizard. I will catch one someday. I just know it.

Here is the video.


  1. BOL - one time Angel Ciara and Lightning stuck their heads into a bushy shrub and came out with an opossum, each with an end in their mouths:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. OMT !! Our Mom would freak totally if that happened ! She is scared she may see a dead lizard one day! TitusSMOOCHES!

  2. You guys are adorable! I love watching the lizard hunting! I would hunt those if they weren't outside. I'm afraid of outside! Good Luck hunting, guys! xoxo

    1. Actually, Mom told us that a lizard came in the house a few times and went to her bathroom! If that ever happens again, I will make sure she calls you!!! TitusSMOOCHES!


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