Bury the Ball

Annie found a ball the other day on our walk. So I thought she was going to just put it with her gargantuan pile of toys in the family room. But  she went outside with it. When I saw her a few minutes later,  I knew just what she did with the ball because she thinks her nose is a shovel.
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Mary Poppins

The movie Mary Poppins was released 52 years ago today (1964 if you dont want to do the math), I just love Mary Poppins so I watched the movie again.  I was so inspired. I went over to Annie when she was about to get her medicine and barked the melody 'Just a Spoon Full of Sugar helps the medicine go down'. Annie barked that she is not allowed to have any sugar. So thinking like Mary, since I wanted to say something but had nothing to say I barked  'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'! 
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The Cardiff Kook

The other day we were in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and saw this very unusual statue. So I asked a local about it and he said it is named The Magic Carpet Ride, but everyone calls it The Cardiff Kook. Most of the surfing community doesn't like it cause they say it looks like a novice surfer that is about to fall off his board. People often dress him up in all sorts of gear. That day he was in Del Mar Racing garb since it is Racing season. 

I want to come back and see the Kook in October - he must look fab in Pink !

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#FuzzFriday Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day.  I may be partial since she is my dog, but I think Annie is the Best Dog!. So I asked her what she wanted for Dog Day. She barked she wanted a dog ! I knew what that meant! Of course I served her fave dog with cheese and a side of bacon. After all, the Best Dog deserves the Best Dog!
And whether or not you observe Dog Day, please have a special treat for #FuzzFriday in memory of my brothers - the best boy dogs - Bear and Fuzz! 
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National Waffle Day

Today is National Waffle Day. So I thought we should celebrate by making Eggos! I told Annie that she can have an Eggo as a treat, but not eat it all at one sitting.  

The next thing I know, Annie has already eaten half. So I told she needs to give it to me and I will save it for her.  But Annie barked back "I won't leggo of my Eggo ! "
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Pool Surfing

I was really inspired by that pink surfboard at the beach, so I decided to try pool surfing. I thought that this is very good practice for balancing on a board in case I want to go ocean surfing. I did very well and thankfully did not get my poodle curls wet ! Maybe next time I will have Daddy swim next to me and make waves. 
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Tooth Fairy Day

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day. I told Annie and Bunnybell that we should become tooth fairies for the day.  But unbeknownst to me, they had already discussed it among themselves and decided not to participate. When I asked why, Annie barked that they love their sleep and are not interested in a night job. Besides that, they are dogs; so they don't fly even with the silly wings I gave them. Typical teenage girls rebellion.
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Congrats Olympians !

As the Summer Olympics comes to a close, Annie and I want to congratulate all the athletes from around the world for competing in the Olympic Games. We want to pay a special thanks to the entire USA Olympics team. You have made the last two weeks exciting and inspiring.  Congrats to all the gold, silver and bronze medalists as well as all of the USA Olympians. You are our heroes and you make us very proud to be Americans!  
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Lemonade Day

For National Lemonade Day I decided to hold another Lemonade class. Everyone did much better this time. Bunnybell suggested we have a Lemonade stand and make some money. I reminded her she can do that as a project in her Entrepreneur class in Princess Graduate School.
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#FuzzFriday - Smart Bones

We were sent Smart Bones and I thought what a perfect treat for FuzzFriday. Annie barked that she was excited to try a treat that would make her smart! I explained that it was the treat that was smart since it is a healthy alternative to rawhide. She barked back, it would make her smart for eating something healthy! I guess she has a point.  But it still will not help her graduate from Princess School. 
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Sushi Restaurant

We always hear everyone rave about our local Sushi restaurant. But of course, we have never tried it since being of the canine persuasion, we are not allowed inside. So Annie had an idea. Why don't we disguise ourselves as Sushi and then we can just go right in! I asked but if they think we are sushi, they will try to eat us. Annie barked that is when we start barking and get kicked out since we are dogs. I decided to humor her and wait for the restaurant to open.
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Relaxation Day

Today is National Relaxation Day. There are so many ways I can relax. I can take a fab bubble bath, get a massage, float in the pool or just take a walk on the beach. Which one would you find the most relaxing?
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V-J Day

Today is the 71st anniversary of V-J Day.  So we thought we would revisit the fab statue at the San Diego harbor. The sculpture is called Unconditional Surrender by Seward Johnson. It depicts the photograph V–J day in Times Square that showed the joy Americans felt when WWII ended. Annie was perplexed by the giant people until I explained that it was only the sculpture. The real people were not actually 25 feet tall.
Happy V-J Day! 
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#FuzzFriday - Olympics Donuts

We wanted to keep with the Olympics theme again for #FuzzFriday. Since we think Mommy did such a great job with the gold medals, we asked her to make us Olympic Rings. This time she decided to forgo the hassle and went to Three Dog Bakery in Del Mar to have them do the baking! So we're celebrating #FuzzFriday with Olympic Rings Donuts. Annie decided to go for the red. In keeping with an Olympians spirit, I decided to Go for the Gold.  
Happy #FuzzFriday !
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Play in the Sand Day

Today is National Play in the Sand Day. Lucky for us we live in San Diego so we can play in the sand on lots of days! Our brother Bear loved to go to the beach and play in the ocean with his ball.  I love to go to the beach and play ball in the sand, except when Annie intercepts it! Do you like to play in the sand at the beach?
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Happy Barkday Sugar !

Today is Sugar's 15th Barklay !! She may be 15, but she has more energy than Annie and I combined. Come to think of it, Sugar is the most energetic dog we know! You try keeping up with her! Anyway,  let's see how many birthday shouts we can get for our absolutely fab friend Sugar ! We will start with a bark out: Happy Barkday Sugar ! 
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Olympic dreams

The Olympics are SO exciting. I asked Annie if she could be an Olympian, what sport would she choose. She barked that she would choose the sports that she could play with me! How sweet?! She couldn't make up her mind between beach volleyball, track & field or synchronized swimming!  
What kind of Olympian would you like to be?
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Sisters Day

I think of Annie as my dog, but since she has the same Mommy and Daddy she is technically my sister.  I am very lucky to have Annie as a sister. She always is looking to protect me when we are out of the house. And when we are in the house she lets me be the boss of everything. I am also very proud of her because she is so pretty, soft, sweet and a very good girl. I love Annie very much. I just wish I could dye her pink.
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#FuzzFriday - Olympics treats

We are so excited! It is the start of The Summer Olymics ! So we wanted to celebrate #FuzzFriday with an Olympics inspired treat. Mommy made us Bacon & Cheese Gold Medal Biscuits! Annie and I each get a gold medal. And since they are so yummy, we are going to give the third medal to Daddy. After all we think he deserves a medal for cleaning up after Mommy's baking mess!
Happy #FuzzFriday!  
P.S.Here is the link to the recipe for Bacon and Cheese Dog Treats .
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Lawn Games

 The other day I thought I would teach Annie some lawn games. So I brought out the horseshoes and ring toss set and explained how to play. I barked that we will start with ring toss.

Annie took her ring and threw it on my head ! She thought she was SO funny. I was not amused. So I thought if that was the way she wanted to play, I would change the rules of horseshoes.

Then I threw my pink horsehoe directly on Annie's nose which gave me a perfect score. I won.
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A Bachelor In Heaven

On Monday, our friend, the incredible Winslow, went over the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad. My family loved him. We were lucky enough to spend time with Winslow and get to know him. He was not only amazingly handsome, but so gentle and kind.
As many of you know, I thought with his great qualities, he would be the perfect Bachelor and asked him many times who would get the final rose. Before he left, he made his choice. It was the last post on his blog Winslow's World.  Here is his decision:
I actually think it is wonderful that he chose Annie. He made my dog very happy. However, now Annie is even more heartbroken.  But I helped make her feel better with the thought that makes me feel better. Winslow will always be with us, warm memories will be in our minds and his love will always be in in our hearts.
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