Happy Barkday Sugar !

Today is Sugar's 15th Barklay !! She may be 15, but she has more energy than Annie and I combined. Come to think of it, Sugar is the most energetic dog we know! You try keeping up with her! Anyway,  let's see how many birthday shouts we can get for our absolutely fab friend Sugar ! We will start with a bark out: Happy Barkday Sugar ! 


  1. Happy Barkday Sugar! We love seeing photos and videos of your visits with Rosy and Annie! So happy to hear you are energetic and spry at 15, that's amazing! Here's to you! xo

  2. Woofs! Lots of Golden Thanks for Barkday wishes :-) See you soon. Golden Woofs SUGAR

  3. Oh Sugar! You're such a beautiful girl! We love your fancy purple footwear and the matching Barkday hat. We hope you're having the best day ever celebrating with your friends. Do you have a secret behind your abundant energy? If so, we hope you'll share it.


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