Lake walk

 Last week when Sydne and Jack Jack were visiting we went on a walk around the lake.

 Jack Jack not only loved the ducks but he was obsessed with watching the fish in the water . So we all went over to the rocks to look at the fish with him.
While Teddy and Jack Jack continued watching the fish, I got distracted by the awesome smell of the duck poop.
So I thought what a nice cologne that would be for me. So I rolled my neck and face in it.
PS- Aren't the clouds awesome ?! 
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Ninja Turtles

The other day, we saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV.  Teddy and I thought they were super cool. So we thought maybe if we would be Ninja Turtles it would help us catch lizards and other house invaders.
So we hung out for awhile in the backyard, on turtle guard.  (We had to sit cause we can't really walk in these shells! I don't know how turtles do it! )

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Aisle of Birds

 The other day we went to Pet Smart. We needed food plus Mom thought it is a nice outing for us.

 Mom and Dad brought us over to our favorite aisle - the Birds! We just love watching them.
And then Teddy and I just couldn't help ourselves. We had to see them up close  
Mom said we were bad cause we scared the birds. I don't think we will be visiting the aisle of birds again soon.
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Lion King

Its October,  my sis Rosy warned me that means costumes. But she did leave me with some advice. When you have your costume on, imagine yourself in that character. So here I am with Teddy imagining ourselves as African lions.
Then I really got into character and became Titus the Lion King.
Happy October !

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