Trick or Treating

Even though he was still sleepy,Teddy woke me up early to be ready for trick or treating.
I explained to Teddy (every 15 minutes) that we couldn't go yet and have to wait till late afternoon.
Have an awesome Halloween


  1. Happy Halloween Titus and Teddy. Hope both of you get lots of your favorite treats. No doubt you will since everyone loves you boys. Great costumes. xoxo

  2. You guys look great for Halloween...Teddy is looking very very soft these days. On a side note: I was wondering if there was a link on your blog page that would go direfctly to Twitter or Facebook to send folks your blog page? That would be very excellent indeed. I'd like more people to read your blog and would love to forward it to my FB page. Hummm.... just a thought

  3. Happy Halloween Titus and Teddy! I'll bet you guys got lots of treats! Our kids got dressed up as Voltan and a Unicorn. It poured raining but they still went out and got soaked! xoxo


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